R. 5K · General Requirements for the Manufacturing, Processing, Packing, Holding and Retailing of Foods · R. 5K · Food Permits; Requirements. Florida Regulations > Chapter 5K-4 > R. 5K as a processer in accordance with Florida Statutes § and paragraph 5K(1)(s), F.A.C. Chapter , Florida Statutes. Rule Chapter 5K Florida Administrative Code. 1 () HELP FLA January

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A copy of the quarterly analytical results shall be forwarded to the department by out-of-state packaged ice dealers. References in this version: This designation shall be clearly visible to the consumer.

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Under Florida law, E-mail addresses are public records. Each packaged ice plant location must have a permit. Such surfaces shall be easily cleaned and sanitized or shall be replaced between uses. Previous Next Click on Document Citation to see item.

Ice transported into the state and packaged either before or after importation into the state must meet all of the requirements of this section and must be packaged, labeled, handled, and otherwise processed and sold according to the provisions of this section.

Search terms joined by: July 6,9: October 18, at 2: Food Permits; Requirements and Fees 5,-4.020 About Us Contact Us Help.

The rule amendment revises the definition for a bottling plant, revises the form number for the Annual Food Permit Application, deletes unnecessary language, and changes the fee schedule for annual permit fees charged to Entries for Keyword s: History of this Rule since Jan. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.


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Packaged ice shall have no fecal coliform-positive samples. The rule chxpter changes the fee schedule for annual permit fees charged to food establishments. Copies of weekly sample analyses shall be submitted to the department upon receipt by the packaged ice plant or packaged ice dealer.

At no time during transport or delivery shall the packaged cgapter product come into contact with the floor or ground. In circumstances where a recall or media notification is not necessary but consumer complaints indicate problems regarding product taste or odor, the department shall order the plant to communicate the exceedence of the MCL and the implementation of corrective measures by direct mailings to affected customers.

History—NewFormerly 5E Total coliforms shall chaper be greater than 2. The purpose of this workshop is to develop rules to enhance the safety of fresh tomatoes chaptdr, packed, repacked, distributed and sold in The purpose of this rule development is to develop rules to enhance the safety of fresh tomatoes produced, packed, repacked, distributed and sold in Florida or from Florida and to implement ChapterLaws of Florida, Chapter section 5Laws of Florida, as passed by the Legislature, authorizes an increase in fee capacity for The plant or dealer shall be responsible for disseminating the notice in a manner designed to inform customers who may be affected by the problem.

Each location must have a permit as per Section In accordance with the implementing language in House Bill of Chzpter permit shall be issued each year upon compliance with all statutory and rule requirements for the issuance of a Packaged Ice Plant Operating Permit and a Chpter Ice Dealer Permit. The operator or manager of a packaged ice plant or dealer who knows or should know that a primary maximum contaminant level has been exceeded or believes or has reason to 5k-4.0220 that circumstances exist such as source contamination, spills, accidents, natural disasters, breakdowns in the sanitary processing of ice or other similar problems that may adversely affect the safety of the packaged ice, shall immediately notify the department of the incident.


Division of Food Safety.

5kk-4.020 permit shall be issued each year upon compliance with all statutory and rule requirements for the issuance of a Food Permit, a Packaged Ice Plant Operating Permit, a Packaged Ice Dealer Permit, or a combination thereof.

In-state packaged ice plants shall maintain these records as required by Section This information must be submitted to the department with each annual permit application. Packaged ice plant operators and packaged ice dealers shall allow the department to examine records pertaining to the operation and maintenance of the plant or source water.

The purpose of this rule is to xhapter inspection procedures and best management practices to enhance the safety of fresh tomatoes packed or repacked in Florida and to implement sections of ChapterLaws The purpose of these proposed rules is to provide regulatory and economic relief to small farm operations that produce and sell poultry and egg products.