Cold Steel – John Styers – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. BOWIES COLDSTEEL. by John Styers America’s deadliest knife-fighting tradition adds a new weapon to the arsenal of the Marine Corps. 1. 2. 3. 4. Every man. COLD STEEL by JOHN STYERS Text prepared by Karl Schuon Photographs by Louis Lowery Foreword A sudden realization of the thorough preparation for.

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Cold Steel

Do not be too anxious to draw the weapon back prematurely. You look up from the switchboard.

In the first picture, note how Sgt. Ever wonder how he did it? The attitude of your blade, well back and pointed at your opponent’s throat, ccold like a pistol leveled at a target – ammo in the chamber, the hammer back, your finger on the trigger.

Hock Hochheim’s Combat Talk Forum

This practice will be valuable if you are ever confronted by an opponent when you are unarmed, for the edge of the hand, in this position, is used like an axe; the fingers joined at the tip are like the point of a blade. Michael Falkner marked it as to-read Jul 09, To force a man to release his grip on you, ram two fingers up into his nostrils and push his nose upward.

The Throw Point can be us’ed effectively in the Hand Cut but in most instances a Beat Cut will be more accurate and decisive.

Sign up to receive offers and updates: To my knowledge, Stephen Stavers used the flat blade method in his adaption of the Biddle Method to the Ka-Bar, but I guess Styers didn’t johnn that was important. The short end is now pointing upwards; the fingers grip the stick firmly; the thumb is on the inside, next to the thigh.


The sabre stance, foundation for the knife fighter’s stance Sabre stance to knife fighter stance. Keep the thumb about a quarter of an inch from the thumb guard. When the back of his head is available, smash the edge of the fist or the open edge of the hand across the BASE of the skull. Between the Covers- Rare Books, Inc. From your guard position you lower yourself quickly, and with your blade still pointed at his throat, you scoop up a handful of dirt and return to the guard position.

Release the knife without a wrist snap for vold results If you are unable to achieve consistent results, look eteel vour basic swing as well as to the wrist. In knife throwing, there is little possibility that you will cut yourself if you are using the proper grip.

Your knife should be equipped with a scabbard that can be secured to the person in a manner which will make it possible to draw the knife easily and quickly by a natural movement of the hand.

Cold Steel by John Styers

The short end technique. At this moment, snap your whole body to your left, pivoting on the left foot, jonh by a thrust with your right leg which, crosses behind johm left foot.

Text is clean and tight. The blade is snapped directly to the target. Smash the fingers straight into enemy’s windpipe. Most knives easily carried and accessed will be small.

Inno Dubelaar Books Published: Launch your prearranged plan of attack the moment he comes within range.

Full text of “Cold Steel John Styers”

When drawing the blade well back for the throw, it should be poised about 12 inches behind you, or your right side, your forearm and blade, point down, almost vertical to the ground. Your enemy is now in a do or die rage; his only thought is to kill YOU any way he can.


Mitch Troop marked it as to-read Jan 12, But an honest purpose cannot be damned. Once you get one of your hands in the vicinity of his throat, eyes or groin, launch your most vigorous attack, smashing, gouging, crushing and ripping. Dtsemt added it Aug 09, Use them against the groin, head or anything else that comes within their range. That’s one thing you can’t draw from the styrrs by signing a chit. Well, here are the practical principles based on the science of professional knife throwing: LEAP into the air and land in the desired direction at the guard dteel.

If the opponent keeps his face and neck well protected you can batter down his defense by launching the wheeling attack Smash down his extended arms with full, body-pivoting right and left hooks. Johnathan rated it really liked it Nov 08, But if you don’t hit anything you won’t have to clean it; as a matter of fact, if you don’t hit anything, your opponent probably will and what he hits will be PART OF YOU.

Attack Your Opponent’s Blade The length of your enemy’s weapon is unimportant.

Nearly Fine text with no serious flaws, almost no sign of wear. Your rear leg swings around in an arc and lands on the opposite side.

Your natural overhand throw propels the blade to the target.