As your binary data doesn’t have image headers(Contains Mime type e.g. data: image/png;base64 for png image) so you can simply use imageReadBase64 like . Converting A Base64 Value Back Into A String Using ColdFusion – codecfm. He needed to get to the original code but wasn’t sure how to do that in ColdFusion. Here is what I came up with. First, start off with your Base

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I tried it locally with same code. ColdFusion supports three basf64 encoding formats:. View Help PDF adobe. A while back I posted a question regarding decoding a Base64 string into a image to store in my ColdFusion application. The input string is not baseencoded.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. ToBase64 Converts string and binary data to Base64 encoded data. The BinaryDecode function provides a superset of the ToBase64 functionality. Hex Uses two characters in the range and A-F represent the hexadecimal value of each byte; for example, 3A.


As your binary data doesn’t have image headers Contains Mime type e. Is this your image?

Are you just passing in my string instead of using the form variable? All is good now. Did you try using imageReadBase64 form. Developing Adobe ColdFusion 9 Applications. Encodes the binary data in the lowest six bits of each byte.

Adobe ColdFusion 9 * Binary data type and binary encoding

A string binary encoding represents a binary value in a string format that can be transmitted over the web. The Base64 data is not in proper format. Converts Base64 encoded data to binary colfdusion. Sign up using Facebook. I posted my code and the exact error in my original question. As per the suggestions, I have tried the following modification: Basically a corrupted image file.

Binary data type and binary encoding.

Adobe recommends that you use the CharsetEncode function to convert binary data to a string in new applications. BinaryEncode Converts binary data to an encoded string.

Binary data type and binary encoding

It converts date-time objects to ODBC timestamp strings. I found a site that allows you to past a string into a box and decode it to the original image and it seems to decode it fine. Configuring and Administering Bass64 ColdFusion 9. You do not normally use binary data directly, but you can use the cffile tag to read a binary file into a variable, typically for conversion to a string binary encoding before transmitting the file using e-mail.


Converts a string to binary data in a specified character encoding. Encoding Format Base64 Encodes the binary data in the lowest six bits of each byte. SigImgData, “hex” ; FileWrite “c: Brian Fleishman 1 11 Sign up using Email and Password.

With a Base64 string you can use this function to get an image: