Note: OpenStax College electronic edition. Link: multiple formats at Stable link here: ? key. College Physics has 15 ratings and 1 review. In the new Second Edition of College Physics, Peter Urone succeeds in carrying out several goals: to convey.. . College Physics. (34 reviews). Multiple Authors, Openstax College. Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: OpenStax. Language: English.

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The chapter on quantum physics serves only as an introduction and thus unsuitable for a modern physics course. One must be presented first, and the second tie things together. Actually, the sub topics that were missing I believe should be taught in a calculus based physics course e. Obviously, some chapters must be done after others, especially the specialized chapters, but this is pbysics an issue.

I highly recommend OpenStax’s College Physics book to all instructors of introductory physics courses. Of course in physics, concepts build off of each other. So, I wouldn’t hold this against this book.

College Physics – Open Textbook Library

It would be a good reference for new teachers preparing lecture notes. But the average College Physics, algebrabased textbook tends to simplify too much. The book uses bold face to represent vectors.

This is incredibly valuable. On the whole there is no issue with content accuracy or bias. I realize it’s a topic we should treat carefully, but it should be discussed. Cllege think it would be nice to have a few stories of individual students who were successful who provide their entire story inclusive of race, ethnicity udone background.

This misses the gradual development of technology and the growing realization that the world could be understood through experimentation, rather than just through logic.


College Physics

It explains many things that are best left for an instructor to discuss in class but collwge not require students to read. I found this book very readable and the science was top notch. Definitions at end of chapter repeats Ch.

No major errors were noticed. However, the text used interactives and videos. Comments I reviewed this collegge with an eye to adopting it for my second-semester algebra-based calculus course.

OpenStax College Physics Answers

Students have informed me that they have referred to this text in other courses besides the course that I use it in. An additional feature in the openstax text, that neither Giancoli nor Knight have, is physlcs labeled Integrated Concepts and problems labeled Construct your urpne problem.

The picture depicting synchrotron radiation actually has little if anything to do with this chapter? For example, the rms equations work for sinusoidal functions which is what the book deals with but, that limitation is not clearly stated to the student. The text makes that very clear later on though. I may create a customized version for that course.

A textbook is usually recommended or assigned by the instructor with colleye input from the student; therefore, it is good to have an option that is inexpensive and portable. All the standard topics are there as well as additional material not found in most introductory physics books. The book has been well edited for grammatical issues, and is devoid of errors, including punctuation.

Ip added it Jul 19, This is probably the only objection I have with this book. Luckily, as a modular open source text I can edit it to my liking. While Newton’s 3rd law is discussed it is such a physic idea for students that I think it deserves much more space in the text.


If a student chooses to print the openstax book on regular paper, double sided, it is 8cm thick whereas Giancoli is only 3. The one exception I detected is in Ch. I found some things you could “quibble” about–but that’s physics.

I love the website it has been a huge help! So, this text does have longevity but any physics text does. Our students in these courses are mainly in the medical and biological areas. At the suggestion of BCcampus staff, this review has been prepared jointly by Takashi Sato and Tyron Tsui alphabetical order. Acey John rated it it was amazing May 10, All browsers and Acrobat Reader offer the possibility to zoom in on physice text.

The book covers the full range of topics phyiscs covered in such a Lots of “engineering” pictures with while men standing around lab set-ups phyeics large machines.

The structure is coherent, the examples are effective, and the links to outside materials are useful. Ulina phyiscs it as to-read Jun 28, I like the idea of open source texts and was hoping that I would find a text as good as the ones that are produced by major publishing houses.

This issue does not seem to arise in this text.