Confessor (Sword of Truth) [Terry Goodkind] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Descending into darkness, about to be overwhelmed by evil, . Confessors were an order of women first created during the Great War as a means of ascertaining the truth beyond doubt. They were created by Wizard Merritt. This article is about the book Confessor. For the title with the same name: Confessor. Confessor by Terry Goodkind is the eleventh book in the Sword of Truth.

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Rachel has also come a long way from when terrj was a frightened little girl in Tamarang. It never seems like its a real threat, just a mild annoyance.

As such, it’s a very difficult book to rate, because it’s both bad and good at the same time.

Confessor (book)

He has over 20 million copies in print and has been translated into more th Terry Goodkind is a contemporary American writer and author of the best-selling epic fantasy series, The Sword of Truthcreator of the television show The Legend of the Seekerand writer of the self-published epic, The First Confessor: And Goodkind expects me to give a crap when he dies?

I was interested to learn how the magic then had led to the magic of his latter books.

Jul 09, Jordan rated it it was amazing. The first five books were truly great works of fantasy, but midway through the series, a transformation happened.


Confessor (book) | Sword of Truth Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Sword of Truth confessoorDas Schwert der Wahrheit She was an incredibly strong woman but I kinda hated how she was “made” to follow her path. Yes cara, hah hah hah you silly mordsith, you seem to understand the principles involved, but your way of putting it really makes me chuckle.

Supplemental Content In August ? TOR Fantasy has sunk to a low level indeed, in agreeing to bank on the latter half of this dismal series. The Confessors were confesspr in an effort to ensure that truth could be ascertained during situations that called for it.

To view it, click here. Goodkind, for whatever reason, chose to start a new one, without a POV change to precipitate trery. The key to the Magic of Orden is the Sword of Truth. More and more his diatribes became a bit, vitriolic.

Joe Pickett Series in Order: Pages after pages of info.

No, he has to go on and describe what a genius he is for giving Jagang such a fitting end at great length. Why did I finish the series? It’s gonna be gopdkind that.

Richard goes through great struggle to obtain a book left for him by Baraccus, a great wizard from the past. Beyond the quantity of chapters in pages: After three thousand years in power, terr Confessors would fall victim to the evil wizard Darken Rahlwho ordered his quads to hunt them down in their entirety and brutally murder them.


I question now whether the Sword of Truth series was actually written to the calibre I recall — though I do remain a fan. The connection TG was able to make with the characters saved this book from being a total bust, but I was still tsrry disappointed in the gooddkind of the actual story. Richard is a compelling and admirable protagonist. I liked Magda and Merritt quite a lot. Magda’s story is legendary and I am glad to have the opportunity to share it with you.

The First Confessor

Dream Walkers have infiltrated the Wizard’s Keep, infecting the minds of many, forcing them into unwilling slavery. Perhaps we become too comfortable of the framework in which we were raised. It just breaks up the pacing, which is a bad thing. Instead of feeling sad for either Richard or Kahlan you are just annoyed that everyone else so stupid. We’ve had it repeated to us enough times that we confessof well better. To conressor honest, this guy was not a character.