Please note: This form must be submitted with COP1. Section 1 – Type of application – A fee is payable per application (see COP44). This application relates. Applications to the court to start proceedings should be made by filing a COP1 application form, which should identify the applicant and the person lacking. What do I need to know about court forms and documents? What do . probably need to fill in these forms: COP1, COP2, and COP3. You will also need to fill.

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Stage 5 — Annual completion of the Office of the Public Guardian report Between 6 and 8 weeks before each anniversary of the Deputy appointment, the Office of the Public Guardian will contact the Deputy and ask for the Office of the Public Guardian Report to be completed and returned to them. Call us call Published 1 December The hourly rates at which work can be charged by a professional deputy and their team are set by the court and apply to work carried out in four different categories of fee earner:.

Find out how HM Courts and Tribunals Service uses personal information you give when you fill in a form.

This document is available in the following Practice Areas

Please select a document. PDFKB8 pages. Read more about making decisions on behalf of someoneincluding the forms you need to fill in when you apply to be a deputy.

You also need fill in Form COP1: For an overview fotm these changes, see Practice Note: Alternatively, send us an email using the feedback icon in the toolbar below.

P, any party to the proceedings or any other person affected by an order made by an authorised court officer may apply to the court to for the order reconsidered by a judge.


Deputyship: appointment | Practical Law

Reconsideration may be undertaken on the papers or at an oral hearing. Court of Protection—reconsideration and appeals. Making an application to the Court of Protection.

For further details of the various costs, fees and expenses and the available exemptions and remissions, see Practice Note: Cop1h decision of a district judge is appealed to a circuit judge. Court of Protection—permission to apply.

Court of Protection forms

Fillable pdf LexisSmart versions of the following Court of Protection forms are available in this subtopic:. We will let you know when the document is available.

It will help us if you say what assistive technology you use. The rules and the procedure for making an application for permission are explained in the Practice Note: This report details all decisions made through the year and a record of all income, expenditure and ccop1b. PDFKB9 pages. Once an application form is filed at the court, provided permission is not required or has been granted by the court, the court will issue the application by recording by date stamp, either on the application form held on the court file or on the letter accompanying the form, the date it was received.

Deprivation of liberty applications []and. Close no Doc overlay You have not xop1b a document. Find more court and tribunal forms by category. This presumption may however be displaced where circumstances reasonably indicate that P’s family should not be notified and that others should be notified instead.

Court of Protection practice and procedure—overview – Lexis®PSL, pract

For further information on litigation friends and Rule 3A representatives in the Court of Protection, including the rules ckp1b to the appointment and removal of litigation friends and who may act as a Rule 3A representative, see the Practice Note: Court forj Protection—short form applications under Practice Direction 9D. Application to register an enduring power of attorney and applying to the Court of Protection with an objection [].


Once the application has been sent to the Court, they will respond within weeks with a completed COP1 form, bearing the stamp of the Court of Protection. It may take a few minutes to reach its recipient s depending on the size of the document s. Court of Protection, are available in this subtopic:. P should also be notified of the application cop1n P has become a party to the application, or unless the court has exercised its discretion either on its own initiative or on application to direct that P must not be notified.

Applications that are not suitable for the short procedure are also outlined flrm PD 9D. Skip to main content. For further guidance on how to make an application to the court, see the Ckp1b Note: Applications to the court to start proceedings should be made by filing a COP1 application form, which should identify the applicant and the person lacking capacity P and state the matter which the applicant wants the court to decide and the order the applicant is seeking.

The applicant should file with the application form any evidence upon which he intends to rely in the form of a COP24 witness statement, an order granting permission if that was a prerequisite to making the application see belowan assessment of capacity in form COP3, any copp1b documents referred to in the application form and such other information and material as may be set out in the Fop1b Directions.

Special rules apply where the person to be served is a child or a protected party. Court of Protection forms.