I’ve decided to write this guide as a means to help newer players develop their skills in the world of Culdcept Saga. I hope this guide assists. Have you written a guide for an aspect of the game that’s not covered here? Tell us about it and 13, Culdcept Saga Card Spreadsheet, Written by IVIad IVIaxx. I won’t tell you that this guide is the be-all, end-all of deck building – because Weaknesses: One of the main strengths of Culdcept Saga is the.

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Furthermore, that ‘battle more often than not has been decided because of ‘item showing up when it needs to.

Every card has a use by itself Except Living Scroll. These are enchants that are cast on the player and creature that modify the creature accordingly.

There is still more to this game than I’ve seen and I’ve been playing it for over a year now.

Please help support our cculdcept costs by donating via the PayPal button above. It doesn’t lean heavily toward any one category and will generally use every card in a complementing fashion. This approach ensures the card you need will be showing up sooner than sgaa. This is especially effective when combined with Grace.

The value is now at 30g a piece. I mention him here because he’s like a mini-Pressure that you can use time and time again. Some maps have temples to use in exploiting symbols. B Are there any “Boost Effect” creatures or spells in play? Mandatory warp tiles are tiles that warp you cukdcept of if you stop on them or not. At that time, they’ll either start investing in another color, costing them serious cash or leveling up their lands in a mad dash to the finish.


Can make or break a player in need. Once you have a nice amount of real estate in several land options, save some cash and level off-color land. N, S, E, W.

Each creature has an elemental affinity: For example, drawing and using Chariot with 25 cards left in your deck gives you a 1 in 26 chance of redrawing Chariot. There is one problem with this card, though – if there are fewer cards left in your deck than there are in your hand, you’ll draw only that many cards.

Scrolls are the answer to fighting somebody with a nearly impenetrable defense. Deprivation is not recommended for Free For All matches.

When combined with Disbelief, symbol users should quake in fear. This is most powerful and annoying idol in my opinion in the game.

It helps your opponent, too, but that’s neither here nor there. Corruption and Pressure are ideal for making a symbol user sorry he ever considered using them. It normally costs G However, when this idol is in play, it now culvcept double, G.


Be careful near the end of your deck. Suddenly, all your creatures are dying before they can lay a finger on the defender. I culecept it to be mainly defensive in nature. I’ll tell you why. Creature does still receive Boost and Global Ability effects from other creatures.

Culdcept Central – The world’s largest Culdcept fan site!

This is where lube comes in. They all have a purpose. You’re only depriving yourself of more useful cards and money, should you cast Permission prior to even passing a fort.

Magic Bolt can help soften creatures up to attack later. They are an underutilized portion of Culdcept Saga that is easily exploited in the right hands.

You can save Wind of Hope to boost your hand during those moments when you overextend cldcept laying the smack down with invasions, defenses or spell effects. Some cards may look worthless or do things that wouldn’t be useful. Innocence Cepter cannot battle.

Culdcept Central – Culdcept Saga – Symbols Guide

Love ’em or hate ’em, you must respect ’em. Let’s do a quick example of planning a deck:. This is a good example of a balanced approach deck. If both creatures have First Attack, the invading First Attack creature will always attack first. Author R Dude 21 Sep