Cunard Line,Ltd: Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Cunard line ltd. Is a Landon based cruise and steamship company whic. Free Essay: Case Study: Cunard Line Ltd., Managing Integrated Marketing Communications 1. For , why did they select the marketing. “Managing Integrated Marketing Communications”— Presentation transcript: 1 Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Cunard line, Ltd. Managing.

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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all the help you need with your essay and educational goals. However, organization is capable of doing both of these objectives through while using the right combination of marketing tools. This group may be responsive to price change and if a budget price is offered they may be more inclined to purchase amrketing cruise.

How Cunard Line Ltd can adapt its marketing strategy and corporate objectives to increase profits

Regarding the four-star ships, consumers are younger with lower incomes. Hire Me to Write For You! What Do You Think? It has been using different marketing techniques to make a sustainable and efficient message for that organization which is services.

Cunard Line Ltd Managing Integrated Marketing Communications Case Solution – Case Analysis

There seems to be some blurring as to the company mission as, on the one hand, they are providing high class, luxury cruising in a 4-star environment, but on the other hand, they are also providing less formal, and somewhat less expensive 4-star cruising.

The overall outcome was to achieve immediate sales results. Sorry, but only registered communictions have full access. Finance Globalization Health Care. Recommendation My recommendation for Cunard is to sell off the 4-star ships to competitors. Cunard will experience little communicatilns in this market if they continue to have consistent strategic marketing in the right distribution channels.

Looking to corner the blogosphere with cknard blog content? The product mix is serving to distort the high end brand image of Cunard as they are offering discount cruises in addition to high end luxury vacations.


I think this is an effective campaign that creates an impact on the readers — emphasizing its British roots of class and sophistication at an affordable price. Forwhy did mrketing select the marketing communications activities in the case? Each marketing strategy will have a negative effect on the other.

In the short term, Cunard is instead attempting to compete with other cruise lines for the 4-star market. GreyserSascha L. Cabot Pharmaceuticals Inc Case Solution. They have been in the business for years and have established a brand that is strongly associated with luxury and quality.

Budget cruises should be stopped and only full price cruises offered. Cunard should reorient its marketing strategy to be in alignment with the long term goal.

All rights reserved 1 Learning Outcomes: Ads should be consistent, for example, the QE2 ads and ads for the other 5-star ships are of high quality and should appear in magazines aimed at the target market. It’s used the thought of integrated marketing communications to integrate different marketing techniques.

Managing Integrated Marketing Communications – ppt video online download

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. The Beijing Dream Case Solution. Competitor Analysis In the 5-star cruising market, Cunard has the advantage over competitors. Focusing on the 5-star cruises only will allow Cunard to use additional resources to continue to offer the highest quality accommodations.

The team used a mix of marketing communications tools and made a distinct emphasis between focus on the Cunard corporate identity and focus on the identity of the individual ships. In addition, Cunard needed to consider the effect on branding strategy due to organizational changes, retaining its current brand image and staying ahead of the competition.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The company has to discount cruises to reach capacity on their ships in an effort to remain profitable, and their 4-star cruises are being threatened by competitors.


Problem Statement How can Cunard Line change its marketing strategy and marketing mix to improve profits and continue to have the image of the most luxurious cruise line offering the highest quality in cruise vacations?

Accounting for Frequent Fliers Case Solution. Cunard needed to strategically allocate the budget for marketing communications and branding, maintain uniformity in its communication efforts — all while finding the right balance between tactical and strategic branding. It’s allowed the comunications to create an positive brand image concerning the organization inside the minds communicatins the clients.

The QE2 provides 5-star cruising along with the ultra deluxe cruising offered by the ships Saga fjord, and Vista fjord. In addition, the team was challenged with an overall mix of marketing communications tools used by Cunard, as well as emphasis in marketing communications between focus on the Cunard corporate identity and focus on lie identity of the individual ships. By providing cheaper cruises, they will be more successful in filling capacity than Cunard.

Harmon Foods Inc Case Solution. Marketing Mix The products offered by Cunard have reached communicayions in the product life cycle and are in decline. Seitel Inc Case Solution. Exhibit 3 focuses on corporate identity and the overall luxury the traveler will feel using the Cunard brand no matter which ship the customer chooses. Cunard is confusing its long term and short term goals. You can get this essay on your email Topic: Cunard should position itself to focus on this area and not to try to compete with other cruise lines with other products.

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