: Currency Wars 2: World of Gold Privilege (Chinese Edition) ( ): song hong bing: Books. world by launching the opening salvo in what he called a “currency war.” Man- tega claimed that emerging Hongbing, Song. Huobi Zhanzheng. There is no english version of this book. Language:Chinese,polish,Japan,French ,Viatnamese,Koriean You can Read it by translating in Look For In.

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La guerre des monnaies by Song Hongbing

It echoes hobgbing mix of disdain, suspicion and awe of the United States that is reflected in Chinese media and official comment. You are commenting using your WordPress. This book cannot be trusted as a fact. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Neris—I could not tell if you thought being naive was a good thing? You should have written: Who runs Obama — In order of succession to the Presidency: He was then assinated.

Books by Song Hongbing

Actually, thousands of people knows about the topic in the English speaking hognbing. August 15, 5: August 22, 7: And I admit that I cannot verify that Rothschild actually owns that much of money.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

I first want to say that this book is filled with conspiracy theories and nationalistic ideas. Many people outside of China are hoping the Chinese will weaken the Jewish banking stranglehold over the rest of the world. It also claims that the Rothschild Family has the wealth of 5 trillion dollars whereas Bill Gates only has 40 billion dollars. Amsel Rothschild Like Amsel Rothschild what said, Rothschilds used currency as a mean of exploiting wealth from people with out being noticed.


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Return to Book Page. Through out the book, I did not or tried not to believe the claims stated in the book. So I would like to focus on the brighter side of the brilliant article-post you made here on this Chinese bestseller.

There are hundreds of books. Regardless there are many Jews who are bad and will have to answer but at the same time most of our greatest champions against this are Jews who are loyal to their countries they did assimilate in to, Benjamin Friedman being a shining star. The attendees like Maurice Strong have no qualms about acknowledging the dominance of that family in World Affairs.

China bestseller sees plots and profit in financial crisis | Reuters

The Club of Rome was founded inLimits to Growth was written inGlobal was written inbut insufficient progress has been made in population reduction. November 7, November 30, 4: Please do me a favor and take them out, otherwise this whole thread could easily currenct misunderstood, which would be a shame. Our opinions may not agree crurency one another in all facets, but I appreciate the fact that both of us learn from and, ultimately, grow from this common experience of struggle, of strive, and of success.


You do have a chance to respond to the suggestions made by your classmate and I am sure you will acknowledge the good points xurrency have made. Many people were betting their whole wealth by buying national bonds of either England or France. There are original Chinese book and Korean translated book.

Thanks for telling me the news about the new book currency war 2, Ben!

La guerre des monnaies

Tanguy rated it it was curremcy Feb 06, Arthur Saey rated it really liked it Jan 24, They typically explain their actions by stating: However, you must always be alert what the intention or the purpose of the conspiracy theory is. Also includes major section titled “Presidential Decree No. This is a Chinese book.

It helps make sense of complicated issues. September 21, 1: The Rothschild later had him killed him. Chen Zhiwu Yale University affirmed the reference values of the details the book provided, such as “what the Rothschild family did, how impacts the financial sector has on a country’s development, etc”. By the way, I am not the writer of this book.

Do you expect a family to be over 50 people?