Czasownik frazalny account for add in add on Znaczenie w języku polskim wyjaśniać dodawać, wliczać dodawać Przykład w języku angielskim We have to . Prędzej czy później musisz poznać czasowniki złożone w języku angielskim. Phrasal Verbs “frejzale” z nami to przyjemność. Nauka online z ćwiczeniami. MemTutor · · Czasowniki frazalne – nieuniknione w mowie potocznej. START LEARNING. SMART REPEAT. FAST REPEAT. MORE OPTIONS. Level 1 (50).

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Barge in into -Enter a place and interrupt: Their charity started off in and last till the mid Id like to stay out but its impossible since my father lives with us again. Log in – Enter a restricted area on a computer system Log into – Enter a restricted area of a computer system Log off – Exit a computer system Log on – Enter a computer system Log out – Exit a computer system Look after – Take care Look back – Think about the past Look down on – Have a low opinion of Look for – Try to find Look forward to – Wait for or anticipate something pleasant Look in – Make a quick visit Look in on – Visit briefly to see if everything’s all right Look into – Research, investigate Look on – Watch something like a crime without helping Look on as – Consider, regard Look out – Be careful Look over – Inspect Look round – Inspect a house Look to – Expect, hope Look up – Consult a reference work dictionary, phonebook, etc.

Czasownik frazalny Znaczenie w jzyku polskim make for make out make over make up make up mess abort mess around mess up move in move in move on move over Czasownik frazalny note down Czasownik frazalny round off kierowa si do, ku zorientowa si, dostrzega przekazywa prawnie robi makija wymyla co, ubarwnia obija si, wygupia obija si, wygupia papra, psu wkracza wprowadza si rozpoczyna now czynno przesuwa si Znaczenie w jzyku polskim zapisywaPrzykad w jzyku angielskimWhere are you making for?


When I was a child I followed my mum around wherever she went. He thought that this misdemeanour would get him away with.

50 najpopularniejszych phrasal verbs

Please dont go away, I cant live without you anymore! This road leads straight up to the saint Claras church. The guide took us round the most interesting castles in the region. We were turned away because we didnt have valid ID cards. The explosive power was so strong that it blew off all of the buildings within a radius of 35 km.

I used to tuck in with candies but now I prefer salty things. After Jennies had broken up with Tom, in anger, he torn apartall her pictures. I need to get rid of the small change. Mark off – Tick, cross out or otherwise mark something to show that it has been dealt with Mark out – Draw lines to enclose an area Mark out for – Show promise for the future Mark out from – Stand out because of certain qualities Mark up – Increase the price of something Marry in – Marry someone of the same ethnicity, religion, etc Marry out – Marry someone of a different ethnicity, religion, etc Mash up – Crush something until it becomes a xzasowniki – Mix sources of audio, video or other computer sources.

Czasoqniki I was very enthusiastic I hadcall roundcalm down carry oncarry throughcatch oncatch onzaczyna rozumie, zaapywa huge problems withcatching on the rules potocznie of algebra.

The TV is on. We were waiting for Frrazalne for 20 minutes but he didn’tshow up. Why cant you put your things on their place instead of leavingthem around?

Czasowniki frazalne

If you want to take that job on you have to be prepared to work overtime, weekends and holidays. They kept banging on about the homework. My car was towed away on the police car park because I parked it in the wrong place. You can go on your holiday and dont worry about you cat, Illlook after her. Our task was to cross out every statement that we thought it was incorrect.


The only way to stamp out that riots was to use water cannons. I didnt even have chance to hide the present since sheswung around so quickly. I think she doesnt like me because she never smileback. I know that it was very stressful day but try to calmdown and relax.

The film is full of retrospections when we go back to the times of the king George II. I cant listen to it anymore! Look round carefully and tell me if anything has lose. My friendship with Thomas drifted apartwhen I moved to Warsaw and he stayed in Krakow.

Put through – Connect someone by phone Put towards – Make a financial contribution Put up – Allow someone to stay at your house for a night or a few days. Tomorrow were setting off for our honeymoon to Turkey.

Vase was filled up with water which ran over when I put there flowers. You’d better watch out. Although Frazlne took down the hour of her arrival I lost it and I had to check it again on the Internet.

50 najpopularniejszych phrasal verbs |

She asked me in for coffee. Switch off the light when youll be leaving.

I wish I hadnt answered my mother back, I know that I really hurt her. If you want to get that job please fill in the application form and enclose your covering letter. Bad weather accounted for the heavy traffice.

The kids belted up in their seats and waited for me to start the car. They were told to look out, especially after dark, due to the escape of two serial killers from the local prison.

Its obligatory to switch off mobile phones when the plane istaking off.