Dakhni Onkar. Artist: Giani Thakur Singh Katha Dakhni Onkar – 01, , Download, , 1. Play · Katha Dakhni Onkar – 02, , Download, 85, 2. Play. Dakhni Onkar Teeka. by Pandit Giani Narain Singh Lahore Wale (Author) Language: Punjabi Total Download: Share this Book.. DOWNLOADREAD . The Dakhni Onkar (the Word Divine Uttered by Sri Guru Nanak Dev in the South) by Sher Singh MSc Kashmir was published by his wife Bibi.

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Sri Onkar – Our Questions and Guru Sahib’s Answers

While Mayadhari Amritdharis look down on poor Gurmukhs, the Gurmukhs on the other hand feel sorry for such astray-led people and wish for Gurbani to touch their daihni. Kaam and Krodh destroy the body as Borax dissolves gold.

This Hukam seems to be for such Gursikhs who after getting little advancement in spirituality start onkad themselves as similar to Guru Sahib. If an Amritdhari gets excited by a sports car, expensive worldy clothes etc.

Sri Harmandir Sahib Kirtan. Sri Guru Arjan Sahib Ji. There are two kinds of pseudo gurus out there. Without Bhagati Bhagat-Bihoona the whole world has gone crazy.

If Gursikhs wear simple Gurmukhi Libaas Dakgnithen even ignorant Amritdharis look down on them and think that they are wasting their life.

Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji. Dharam Rai has given orders to his Jammdoots to not go near such place where Gursikhs are doing Kirtan. The divine knowledge or Gyaan comes from the Gunns of Waheguru i. Five Takhts – Holy Thrones.


Dakhni Onkar Teeka

Why did the Jiv creature come to this world? Takht Sri Hazur Sahib. How do you know the qualities of Waheguru? Literature in Other Languages.

Do what Guru Sahib has ordered; why do you try to do what Guru Sahib has done? This occurs at the time of Amrit Sinchaar. How can we recognize our permanent abode? How to be saved from Kaal or continuous death?

They look down on simple Gursikhs who don’t have too much wealth or who don’t exhibit their wealth. Gurmukhs of high Avastha, find the Dasam Duaar within this body and enjoy the divine bliss there and after leaving this body, the Jiv-Aatma gets place in Sachkhand which is the permanent abode of Bhagats and where Bhagats stay immersed in the Amrit Roopi Waheguru.

Sri Onkar – Our Q&A’s | Discover Sikhism

A Gursikh is that who does not even look at someone with a lustful eye, let alone indulging in full fledged Kaam but we see that the youth now a days has little regard for what Guru Sahib is saying. Learn Tav Prasad Savaiye. These kinds of sants too should be avoided and all faith should be kept on Guru Sahib and Sadh-Sangat. How do you do Vichaar of Gunns qualities of Waheguru? Paath – Reciting Gurbani. So if we want to keep loving relationship daakhni our loved ones, we should not speak rude words.

Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. Each and every Pankiti is a Mahavaak. It is obvious that we are to stay away from such pseudo gurus but more danger is from the second kind of pseudo spiritual leaders. Takht Sri Keshgarh Sahib. How do the foolish worldly people treat rich people? Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. One who does Vichaar of Dakhno is a Giani. Gurmat Gyan Knowledge Articles in English. Kaal or Jammdoots do not destroy, if one is engaged in singing the Hargun i.


Dakhni Onkar Teeka – SikhBookClub

Naam brings Shanti peace to the mind. How do Kaam lust and Krodh anger affect the body? How will the mind focus on Gurbani when we don’t stop our sinful activities and thoughts? Who is a Giani wise? A Gursikh knows that the only way to eliminate the disease is through Naam and Gurbani. How to get rid of stress worries? The first kind are blatant violators who openly declare themselves as gurus and saviours e. Literature in Dakhnj Punjabi.

Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Rest of the educations are false because these are studies of matter which is false. Daohni Monthly Mag Gurmukhi. An attempt has been undertaken to highlight the great Mahavaaks of this Baani. Literature in Dkhni Hindi.

By speaking rudely, loving relationship comes to an end. Should a Sikh imitate Guru Sahib? How to get all the treasures of the world? The second kind are those who call themselves sants and maintain the garb of Sikhi.