Buy The Theory Of Poker Deutschsprachige Ausgabe: Ein Klassiker der Pokerliteratur by David Sklansky, Stephan M. Kalhamer (ISBN: ) from. The Theory of Poker. Ву. David Sklansky. A product of Two Plus Two Publishing. FOURTH EDITION. SIXTH PRINTING. October Printing and Binding. The Theory of Poker By David Sklansky. Views. 6 years Decide to Play Great Poker: A Strategy Guide to No-Limit Texas

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For the American lawyer, see David Alan Sklansky. Even if I knew my opponent’s hand exactly I can’t play optimally against him, unless I also know how he plays the hand. Find More Sklansiy by mvdgaag.

Flaw in the Fundamental Theorem of Poker ? – Poker Theory – General Poker Theory Forum

Both excellent theory books and very different. Ace on the River Author: The first of these is that you should tend to check hands with outs and to bet hands that, if already beaten, have no outs. Even though complex concepts are explained in plain English, the book is not something that should be read sklansoy quickly the first time. Ironically, Sklansky says this can be a good situation to bet when you are not holding one of these cards.

4 Great Poker Books Every Beginner Should Read – Poker Hand Replays

Theory of Poker vs no limit Holdem theory and practice Both great books. Adding up all these mistakes gives a result which equals your long term expectation against a certain player.

He goes on to explain another important aspect of fourth street. However, if an overcard is present on the flop and you are check-raised, you ususally should give it up. A second advantage to semi-bluffing is that it can confuse your opponents. But beware that it has some additional problems and these hands may not be as good as they appear. This is partially because a pair will be a slight to large favorite over any other 2 card combination in a showdown unless the other 2 cards are a higher pair.


When playing head-up in hold’em in the big blind, Sklansky explains that one should play more hands than in 10 player games, “Thus it appears that in a heads-up match in the big blind you need to call or reraise at least 40 percent of the time against an aggressive opponent.

Tournament Edition – Various Authors. One of the nice things about raising with suited cards before the flop especially the ace suitedis that when you flop a flush, or for that matter a four-flush, daviid welcome all the bottom pairs calling.

All times are GMT He advocates a weak-tight style that limit’s a players ability to win or to learn. Kristian rated it did not like it Jun 24, Send a private message to kommmaklar.

I’d throw the Harrington on Hold’em books in there as well for No Limit Hold’em tournaments, but Al G already mentioned them, so there’s no need for repetition. That NLH book is badly outdated. I play both and more. There are now unlimited and unknown variables evrywhere. The book teaches proper strategy for online play, detailing how it differs from the casino environment to prepare you for the competition at any level.

4 Great Poker Books Every Beginner Should Read

In fact, it is the way that we usually recomment to play, and in most games it is the way that we play. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Bradford rated it did not like it Nov 23, It is interesting to decide how to play the hand because you could be betting into someone who has a flush draw. Sklanksy explains that it does not matter who put in what percentage of the pot. Of course, if the AQ is suited, you definitely would play the hand. This is the reason why.

The other inquired off i had check raised the turn, representing the flush, would you have called? In this case, it would be correct to raise. Tonight he is playing with his friend Frank when the following hand comes up: The time now is To do otherwise is the classic ‘weak player’ mistake, and it is the easiest way to tell if an opponent does not understand the game as well as he should.

The turn is the 5 Joe checks again, and Frank goes allin for a potsized bet. Originally Posted by Sttorari. Dan Harrington in my opinion one of the best poker strategy books. Any pair, is 6 percent; any ace, is about 15 percent; any other two cards that are both deutscb or higher, is about 12 percent, any other straight flush combination with no gaps or just one gap except for 42s and 32sis about 4 percent; and any king little suited that’s not already covered, is about 2 percent.

The Theory of Poker is the best all-round poker book you are going to read.