Stalking the Others (H&W Investigations Book 4) by [Haines, Jess] .. Jess Haines Bundle: Hunted By The Others, Taken By The Others, Deceived By. Haines follows Hunted by the Others and Taken by the Others with an episodic tale of werewolves, vampires, and the women who love them. Deceived By The Others (H & W Investigations, book 3) by Jess Haines – book cover, description, publication history.

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Meanwhile Shia has ignored every little hint under the sun that something is going to happen, which doesn’t really get explained. At one point she does have a massive meltdown, although in this particular instance I think that it was justified, and the scorned girlfriend in me couldn’t resist egging her on.

It is going to make a very fun book four. While not as romantic as being alone, it does give her chance to get to know the pack and see Chaz around them. View all 32 comments. Haines has truly demonstrated she’s not a gimmick in the genre of UF.

Deceived By The Others (H & W Investigations, book 3) by Jess Haines

When I first dived into this book, my initial thought was ‘oh great, another heroine takes a vacay story. Navigating this world of Others is Shia, a levelheaded P.

I would be agonizing over everything until the end comes, knowing how much grief was coming. I deceivex a spoiler about this book and it totally soured my view I think.

Deceived by the Others

This novel was more complex than the two previous ones in that there were multiple plot threads, and the overall mystery wasn’t as clear cut. Atmospheric yet colourful and finally Shia looks normal and not like some leather-clad hooker. Thee Deceived by the Others is a quick read, the pacing of the story itself is not a quick one.


Trouble makers in Chaz’s pack want to take his place as Alpha and they don’t believe in playing fair. The idea is to give Shia a chance to meet the pack in a situation that isn’t the middle of a war. Jan 19, Natasha rated it it was amazing.

Jrss wants her to meet them and see how she’ll handle being around them. I think that I have odd tastes, because for me this book didn’t really get good in this book until things went to crap for Shia. But I really do believe eventually Alec and Shia will progress to more than just their odd vampire-human thing they have going on right now.

For fear of deceied the great surprise, I will say no more about the plot. Several times she put stuff off to Seth a lower ranking packmember who made no bones about his dislike for Chaz playing a prank, or just shrugging it off. Shiarra invites the werewolf pack of Chaz for a family weekend in Catskills.

The book ends with a newspaper article being published, stating that Shia has been potentially contaminated. View all 4 comments. The writing and world building are both just excellent if not even better as in the first books and I love how Haines manages to expand on her world in a natural, believable way. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them.

Shia wants to watch the pack as they change during the full moon.


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And when supernatural creatures are tell you that shit is coming your way. And the characters are interesting and also surprising.

I also enjoyed Shia’s growth. Urban Fanasy After the chilling events of the last book, where Shia faced her worst fear of being blood bonded to two vampires and made into a mindless slave, Shai is determined to avoid the supernatural drama.

But now, she is more worried about a couple of seductive and dangerous vampires with whom she is forced to deal. She’s someone who is forthright and isn’t into playing the games that everyone else seems to be.

For New York P. Voodoo Bride complained that there wasn’t enough of Royce’s butt in this book, but as Voodoo Bride would still have complained if half the book was a description of Royce’s butt I wouldn’t listen to her too much if I were you.

There is a lot of build-up as events unfold between Chaz, Shia, and the pack with small incidents here and there, but the real action doesn’t really kick in until after the first half of the book. Shiarra seems to finally be settling in with the idea of being with Chaz and becoming part of the pack in a legal sense deceivec signing a contract. That means meeting family–or in this case, bringing Chaz’s entire werewolf pack along for a rollicking full-moon weekend in the Catskills.

For New York P. I mean, death threats?