This is the previously mentioned commentary on Mark Slouka’s article “ Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school” Since the article. Mark Slouka’s essay (Dehumanized: When math and science rule the school) comes across as a persuasive argument that the humanities. Instructor’s Note. This essay is Julia Evanoff’s analysis of Mark. Slouka’s article “ Dehumanized.” Julia does a great job speaking to a general audience that may.

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Others have made the point convincingly as well. Incidentally, it is this ethic that most concerns Mark Slouka. Not only in this regard. For instance, my son will never have geography as a separate subject, WTF?

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I read your summary and I also quickly read through the original article. When math and science rule the school comes across as a persuasive argument that the humanities have lost out to math and science in American schools and that this does not bode well for the future of democracy. America has a serious problem teaching its year olds, and by then they reach puberty, and it’s too late. I have been saying that a balance is required and that is all. The schools themselves can rarely make it much better, but they can certainly make it much worse.

Backreaction: Rehumanized

In fact, education was always about the GDP — it is the composition of GDP and how it is produced that have changed dramatically over time, a change that is reflected in the nature of our education. It’s all about Civics, and worship of The State over Individuals. Science is first of all a process; a way of being and looking that has consequences beyond the classroom, academia, and NASA. In the same way, it is hard for someone to know what it is to be South Asian unless you spend some time in that society and come to know it from the inside.


Something I even rarely heard sloyka in University.

Nor do I think the other developed countries are immune to this idolization of the economic. And that was that. Of course, I’m pretty sure I don’t even know “what” this would be, so I don’t have much basis for argument.

Maybe the people who talk to me are just oddballs. What is usually the case is that you can measure ‘it’ whatever it is, once you have defined it, but it’s pointless or even makes matters worse.

Hi Kay, It doesn’t seem to me like the issue is actually with the schools, but with the curriculum. I also disagree with Vinod and Arun that science can be devastating without the humanities or that scientists lack inside knowledge slouoa the arts.

In contrast, as Tony Judt has argued, social democracies in small homogenous societies for example the Scandinavian countries could afford to be much more liberal with soluka education because of their legitimacy and marginal role in global politics.

But in his arguments he makes several leaps. I talked to several people who actually thought consumerism is a form of democracy, and I vividly recall dehumahized to one guy who thought Germany is socialistic. But this now makes me wonder what research today would look like had it been planned a century ago.

Worried about indoctrination, we’ve short-circuited argument. No one with a liberal arts mindset and education would hold such narrow and vacuous opinions. The confounding piece in this picture is the rise of industrialism and the machine age which now incorporates more and more math sloua science — but it would be a stretch to argue markk it arose from the critical thinking intrinsic to math and science in opposition to the critical thinking intrinsic to the humanities.


Hi Bee, Mathematical basis as cold and austere Can critical thinking lead to a reform or improvement in values? A simple question such as — is such and such policy going to better the human condition — is not a question asked in the domain of maths and science. Eric, dehmanized you should never, never, never have economic policies that contract an economy while you are already in recession.

There are some excellent, expensive, private schools, though. And we would simultaneously close the loophole that now allows megacorporations to pay little or no taxes. In this essay, Mark Slouka expresses disappointment that education is being “retooled Certainly worth a look and discussing further. IMO this perspective basically corresponds the current stage of physics in its attempt for formal description of the Universe.

I keep saying that it would be good if we had a better understanding of its working and what cehumanized mechanisms are beneficial, but we know that much. One goal seems to be “an individual formed through dehumanizsd.

Conversation: Writer, Professor Mark Slouka on America’s ‘Dehumanized’ Education

But how can the questioning nature of mathandscience, the logic and reasoning, slouuka be helpful in the humanities? Would this not be an approach?

From Columbia, I added, polishing the apple of my prospects. This site uses cookies.

Martha Nussbaum has thought and published plenty about democracy, humanities, science and more. And thus is set up a confrontation of cultures — science and maths on one side and humanities and the sloukz on the other.