berbagai negara berlaku sesudah munculnya deklarasi Stockholm pada tahun Deklarasi inilah yang memberikan motivasi kepada negara-negara yang. Reaffirming the Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment, adopted at Stockholm on 16 June , and seeking to build upon it. The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, often shortened to Rio Declaration, was a short document produced at the United Nations.

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Sign in to customize your interests Sign in to your personal account. As for image, the meeting succeeded in relaxing and gratifying the ideas and attitudes of some 2 members and associate members coming from over 80 countries.

Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment

Anthropization Anti-consumerism Earth Overshoot Day Ecological footprint Ethical Over-consumption Simple living Sustainability advertising Sustainability brand Sustainability marketing myopia Sustainable Systemic change resistance Tragedy of the commons. In this connection, the free flow of up-to-date scientific information and transfer of experience must be supported and assisted, to facilitate the solution of environmental problems; environmental technologies should be made available to developing countries on terms which would encourage their wide dissemination without constituting an economic burden on the developing countries.

Later he took the occasion to announce the Government’s decision to create a National Forestry Fund, integrating the state and private sectors, as the most efficacious means of rapidly expanding forestry development in Argentina.

Declaration of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment The United Nations Conference on the Human Environmenthaving met at Stockholm from 5 to 16 Junehaving considered the need for a common outlook and for common principles to inspire and guide the peoples of the world in the preservation and enhancement of the human environment, Proclaims that: The Conference calls upon Governments and peoples to exert common efforts for the preservation and improvement of the human environment, for the benefit of all the people and for their posterity.

Accessed October 2, Therefore, the developing countries must direct their efforts to development, bearing in mind their priorities and the need to safeguard and improve the environment. Foresters recognize that forestry is concerned not with trees, but with how trees can serve people.

Views Read Edit View history. A world forestry congress is not an intergovernmental meeting but a gathering of individuals.

The natural growth of population continuously presents problems for the preservation of the environment, and adequate policies and measures should be adopted, as appropriate, to face these problems. It is the people that propel social progress, create social wealth, develop science and technology and, through their hard work, continuously transform the human environment. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Retrieved from ” https: Forests and socioeconomic development. Thus a world forestry congress has been held for the first time in Latin America, where the time and place have been specially apt for the selected theme: Sign in to save your search Sign in to your personal account.


Principle 15 Planning must be deklarwsi to human settlements and urbanization with a view to avoiding adverse effects on the environment and obtaining maximum social, economic and environmental benefits for all. The congress notes that some of the main obstacles to forestry development today are institutional: Both aspects of man’s environment, the natural and the man-made, are essential to his well-being and to the enjoyment of basic human rights the right to life 11972.

What it does mean is that pressures and controversies among those dealing with forestry over the last decade or so, on such issues as substitutes for wood as a raw material, manmade versus natural forests. It must delarasi be said that the FAO contributions would have been of little avail without the support, imagination.

They are known to have a decisive role, though yet not sufficiently quantified, in the biosphere. Conversely, through fuller knowledge and wiser action, we can achieve for ourselves and our posterity a better life in an environment more in keeping with human needs and hopes.

Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

To complement this principle, the workgroup also added a clause referring more explicitly to the obligation to teach and forward knowledge to the next generation of physicians. Cooperation through multilateral or bilateral arrangements or other appropriate means is essential to effectively control, prevent, reduce and eliminate adverse environmental effects resulting from activities conducted in all spheres, in such a way that due account is taken of the sovereignty and interests of all States.

Lanusse, welcomed the participants, saying it was for the Argentine people a source of legitimate pride to be able to receive so many men of forestry from all quarters of the globe.

The remarkable attendance was itself a decided compliment to the host country. In the long atockholm tortuous evolution of the human race deklatasi this planet a stage has been reached when, through the rapid acceleration of science and technology, man has acquired the power to transform his environment in countless ways and on an unprecedented scale. Principle 24 International matters concerning the protection and improvement of the environment should be handled in a cooperative spirit by all countries, big and small, on an equal footing.

Conflict of Interest Disclosures: In the industrialized countries, environmental problems are generally related to industrialization and technological development. There followed another plenary session which provided the opportunity for presenting a Latin-American viewpoint on where the region stood in relation to the overall theme of the congress forests and social-economic development.

Principle 2 The natural resources of the earth, including the air, water, land, flora and fauna and especially representative samples of natural ecosystems, must be safeguarded for the benefit of present and future generations through careful planning or management, as appropriate. Over and above stkckholm of social justice, the fact that these resources have a world significance requires greatly intensified efforts by and aid to less developed countries for the development and proper management of their forest resources, so that these resources may simultaneously serve to raise the living standards of their own peoples and contribute to the world’s expanding need for forest products.


Members of the congress unanimously pledge their unstinted contribution to these goals. Given the crucial nature of this document, the assigned workgroup charted a generous timeline of nearly 2 years to allow ample opportunity to gather feedback and suggestions not only from member national medical associations, but also from external experts.

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Principle 26 Man and his environment must be spared the effects of nuclear weapons and all other means of mass destruction. Grave political decisions were entailed in achieving a balance between economic development and the need to use natural resources deklarasj. It was signed by over countries.

Unasylva – No. – Special issue – Seventh world forestry congress

The just struggle of the peoples of ill countries against pollution should be supported. Principle 21 States have, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and the principles of international law, the sovereign right to exploit their own resources pursuant to their own environmental policies, and the responsibility to ensure that activities within their jurisdiction or control do not cause damage to the environment of other States or of areas beyond the limits of national jurisdiction.

Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. The international community stockholn twice stockho,m assess the progress made in implementing the principles of the document; first in New York in during a General Assembly Session of the Ddklarasi, and then in Johannesburg in dellarasi The very broad objectives of forest policy set out in the declaration can therefore be regarded as common to all countries whatever their political organization.

With regard to professional relationships, previous versions of the Declaration called for students to respect their teachers, but deviated from the Hippocratic Oath, which calls for mutual respect between teachers and students. Along with social progress and the advance of production, science and technology, the capability of man to improve the environment increases with each passing day. Principle 25 States shall ensure that international organizations play a coordinated, efficient and dynamic xeklarasi for the protection and improvement of the environment.