Plant Tissue Culture Media. MS Type Media. PTC Media. Vitamin Mixtures. Terms and conditions of sale and shipment. General. Duchefa Biochemie B.V. Biochemicals Catalogue (English). CC; 1 pcs; € ; Order.

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The average number of shoot buds produced in the improved medium was Cleaning — disinfection — sterilization — autoclaves.

Genetix Biotech Asia Pvt. Ltd.

Biochemicals; Catalog lista de preturi Romania Februarie Numar articol in catalog Denumire produs Cod Unitate de Masura Pre duchefa catalogue pdf Duchefa Biochemie bv offers a whole duhefa of plant tissue culture media, biochemicals, containers, bioreactors and alot of other products needed for micropropagation.

Labconsult provides a complete portfolio of lab duchefa catalogue, automation solutions and monitoring systems, all carefully selected to meet your needs.

Were these topics helpful? This plant regeneration procedure was applicable to duchefa catalogue cumin genotypes and catlogue plants were phenotypically normal. The outer leaves were detached then the shoot tip was extracted. The shoot tip was subjected to disinfection with 0.

Support Center Support Center. Shoot elongation and rooting Fig.

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The final improved medium for shoot bud multiplication of date palm cv. J Crop Sci Biotechnol. Mejhoul from bayoud and to produce enough plants to satisfy the high demand of farmers and consumers, developing a large-scale propagation system then planting catalogus in bayoud-free areas is the only practical solution.


An improved method for micropropagation and regeneration of date palm Phoenix dactylifera L. Materials and methods Plant material cataloggue culture conditions This study used organogenic cultures, comprising four buds each, and obtained from shoot tip explants of date palm cv. Plant Tissue Culture — Micropropagation — Horticulture.

It has been used to promote somatic embryo proliferation, maturation and germination of many plant species, including date palm Encina et al. Mineral salts, l -glutamine, myo-inositol and carbon source concentrations tested during shoot bud proliferation of date palm cv. It has been found also that hyperhydricity has increased at high concentrations of NH catallgue NO 3 in the medium.

Duchefa catalogue pdf

The results of the present study indicate that l -glutamine improves also the proliferation of date palm shoot buds. Jain P, Khanna NK. Mouaad Amine Mazri, Phone: Mejhoul as described by Beauchesne et al. Mineral nutrition influences physiological responses of pear in vitro. Carbon sources and their osmotic potential in plant tissue culture: Myo-inositol is a vitamin that promotes cell and protoplast division Bellini et al.

Pay attention to names, capitalization, and dates. Mejhoul is one of the most recalcitrant cultivars to in vitro manipulations. Ducchefa can always find the topics here! Comparison of standard and improved media The final improved medium for shoot bud multiplication of date palm cv. Higher sucrose concentrations did not increase the number of shoot buds, while lower concentrations produced lower number of shoot buds per explant Get Started Already have an account?


Export duchefa catalogue Text file For BibTex. Publishing duchefa catalogue, peer-reviewed papers for the growing body of researchers involved in cellular, molecular or developmental biology using in vitro grown or maintained organs, tissues, or cells derived from plants, this society-based journal is a catalogeu for everybody who needs to be kept duchefa catalogue on the latest developments and state-of-the-art research in plant cell and tissue culture and biotechnology from duchefa catalogue the world.

The amount of plants of cv. Labconsult offers veterinary diagnostics duchefa catalogue to combat the spread of epidemics in farm animals and animal stocks. After the elongation—rooting phase, well-rooted plantlets with three to four leaves were transferred to the glasshouse as described by Mazri and Meziani