I have now been looking for about two weeks for a set of plans for one of these. I won’t be carving mando tops or backs, just making some quite. Homemade router-powered duplicarver constructed from wood and steel. Our Model T Dupli-CarverĀ® is designed to fill the needs of a hobbyist or craftsman with the same accuracy and versatility of our professional models.

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I can only find one set of them and they want 20 bucks for them.

Not to mention, springs are way more compact and lightweight than weights on levers. In that case does anyone have the boughten plans they would send me? Your first pieces will be carvings you will keep for a lifetime. Michael, the search function over there is pretty bad. In order to be able to post messages on the Router Forums forums, you must first register. The Fa Spindle Carving attachment allows you to carve gun stocks and table legs up to 8″ diameter x 60″ long.

Me, I’d check on a homemade duplicarver – plenty of info plsns them out there. Or just any place i can get them for free? Share this post Link to plane Share on other sites. Quote message in reply? Page 1 of 3. Originally Posted by Kerry Krishna. The yokes are adjustable in height, side to side, and clamp the work piece with two screw clamps.


Making money, full or part time, is a major motive for machine purchase for many of our customers. Compared to the alternative I was planing, to plan, for myself. The frame mounts directly to the tabletop and holds the objects in a horizontal position between two centers. So no one has the duplicaver plans? The dimensions 44x36x14 have no significance to anyone but yourself. As for a weight under the table, there’s really no point.

View jw ‘s Uploads.

Homemade Duplicarver

A duplicarver is something that has a standard design but can and should be tweaked in terms of dimensions and parts i. Eventually, when I build one, I’m going to have the router mounted to a parrellogram looking assembly that keeps the router perpendicular to the workpiece at all times, as opposed to having the router tilt to adjust its depth.

I was giong to buy them, i wanted to know if anyone else had any other sets of plans with different building structure and what not to them, i like to get my hands on as many plans as possible and combine them to make the ultimate machine, perhaps this time however that just wont work. Is there anyone on this forum that owns a Clone 4D router?

Duplicarver Plan – Solidbody Guitar and Bass Chat –

BB code is On. Password Please enter a password for your user account. Im nowhere near that yet. Figurines such as decoys, busts, signs and plaques are also easy to carve. I was hoping there were multiple places that had them so i could take the best aspects of all of them and combine them. That is a pretty big understatement. An intricate chess set ruplicarver only 6 originals to carve a 32 piece set.


Some of the more unusual carving applications include carving special foams for packaging, plastic sheet stock for underwater camera housings and full-sized cigar store indians. Porter Cable Router with speed control, operating and assembly instructions, and even a starter statue and block of wood.

The Moderators over there truly scare me. Also where do you guys get yoru stylis at? Posted April 1, Carving has, for many, moved from a hobby to a business.

Most of our machines cost less than a quality wood lathe. Posted April 9, A long rifle stock like the. Thanks for your help Bill.

As you work with the machine you will develop carving techniques which will expand your horizons even further. I was really kind of thinking out loud. Unlimited numbers of copies can be made of hand-crafted originals. I built my pantograph from their plans about three years ago and has been working nicely.

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