Collection of Durood Sharif / Various Durood Sharif Question The question was posed to ḤuĎūr Tāj ash-Sharīá Muftī Muḥammad Akhtar RiĎā al-Qādrī.

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Darood Sharif and Bangla translation | Islam Ebong Shanti

Hadrat Zarar bin Auzar radi Allahu anhuanother companion of the Holy Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam says that he used to recite this Durood Shareef and fight with the non-believers.

Durood Shareef are equivalent and give full benefits, but some selected and very promptly accepted and favoured Durood Shareefs are the following: January 25, at 1: This is very well put indeed.

May Allah the almighty give you full reward of spreading this to peoples. May 24, at 8: For line1 Arabic text: Oh lord increase hour blessings on all your creation.


AAP nay bilkool sach lekha jo lekha khoob lekha!!! I want the hindi meaning of this darood. February 14, at 2: Oh Lord increase your blessings on hazrat Maulana Azangachhi sufi mufti rahmahtullah.

This was exactly what I was looking for. May Allah shower you all with abundant blessings Insha Allah.

দরূদ শরীফ Durood Sharif for Android – APK Download

It is mostly the Saints and very pious people who recite duroid Durood after every prayer. May 28, at 1: If not, which is the correct as I have seen a number of sites with the version I have stated as well as the versions you sgarif stated.

February 19, at September 14, at June 12, at 2: April 11, at 4: July 23, at 5: September 20, at 8: I weep in side a lot to just see him once.

January 27, at 4: August 12, at Could you let me know what is Durood-e shareef Reply. August 24, at 1: December 19, at It is a grand success in all the affairs of the world. January 10, at Which Duwa has to recite?


Thank you so much and all the best. September 12, at Very nice darood Sharif and very knowledgeable and most important darood which we require in our daily life for better health and success. October 9, at 5: This is a very important Sharlf Shareef which duroov forth immediate success and satisfaction to the heart and the mind.

May 23, at 1: January 21, at 8: May 4, at 5: October 7, at 9: June 22, at 7: Instant Money Code Says: January 14, at 7: February 2, at 7: