The Empire Of “The City” (World Superstate) The Years of Power Politics of the Modern Era by Edwin C. Knuth The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 1. The Empire of the City has 12 ratings and 1 review. James said: riveting The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power E.C. Knuth. E.C. Knuth is the author of The Empire of the City ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 1 review, published ).

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The Jap ally had justified himself, and there was entered into immediately a new treaty in Augustsigned concurrently with the signing of the Treaty of Peace between Japan and Russia, which bound Britain and Japan to immediately come to the assistance of each other, even if only one power knuyh to attack. The edition of the Encyclopedia Americana Vol.

E.C. Knuth (Author of The Empire of the City)

The Pilgrims were founded in London July 24,four months after the death of Cecil Rhodes who had outlined an ideology of a secret society to work towards eventual British rule of all the world, and who had made particular provisions in his will designed to bring the United States among the countries “possessed by Great Britain. In this instance, the secret control of China had been in British hands since ; so they utilized a revolutionist against their own secret government and made him the nominal front man, then appealed to the American International clique to aid them in restoring the government of China to its rightful head; thus to balk the deal they had made with Japan by a simple strategy.

Among the hundreds of new works on this subject perhaps the most outstanding is “America’s Strategy in World Politics,” by Nicholas J. It was the influence of the American delegation which gave to the first Hague Conference of the measure of success it attained. Names of countries shown in parenthesis indicate allies that made no formal entry into war, due to limited length of the conflict or due to being opposed by or paired with a major opponent.

Once these other nations have exhausted their surplus gold and credits this process must end, and knth account must be added up and balanced. The findings of Machiavelli and other students of power decree that to obtain power it is essential to ignore the moral laws of man and of God; that promises must be made only with empore intention to deceive and to mislead others to sacrifice their own interests; that the most brutal atrocity must be committed as a matter of mere convenience; that friends or allies must be betrayed as a matter of course as soon as they have served their purpose.

Surprised and frightened Britain now turned to the Concert of Europe, which she had heretofore flouted, for assistance. Cox and Franklin Delano Roosevelt, were buried in a landslide so deep it seemed that the Internationalist control of Knuuth should have been buried forever.

See note The wide latitude of action of the agents and servants of the CROWN and their remarkable immunity from the interference of English Courts and of English law appears in the “Laws of England” of Lord Halsbury as apparent from a few selected passages as follows: Furthermore, the German Navy of this period was larger than that of America, as were also the navies of France and Russia.

Spykman would restore the overwhelming power of the alliance of the imperialistic expansion ofwhen Europe was in balance by the British alliance with France, Asia was in balance by the British alliance with Japan, and the world was in balance by the British alliance with the United States under the secret agreement of Butler, the eminent chief of the Pilgrim’s secret society of International finance. British interests based their opposition on the fact that this railway would destroy the trade that English [[41]] capital and English merchants had painfully built up along the Suez Route.


Britain had been unable to come to Turkey’s assistance, but had charged Russia with deliberate violation of the Treaty of Paris in attacking the integrity of the Ottoman Empire.

Apparently not one newspaper in the United States gave one inch of space to this immensely sensational exposure, while Senator Nye, like many other statesmen who have ventured too far into forbidden realmsi has been effectively submerged. No single event could strike so serious a blow as the loss of India.

Gladstone, four times Prime Minister of Britain on a Liberal platform up toare very significant as he was the last Liberal Prime Minister before the Imperialist rampage that started ii and continued up to World War I in Be the first to ask a question about The Empire of the City.

This is the most pernicious, palpable effect flowing from the monarchial theory, for these men do this in ‘the king’s Name,’ who is in theory still a real monarch, although in reality only a convenient puppet, to be used by the cabinet at pleasure to suit their own needs.

Many will recall the immense jubilation of the controlled American jingo press at this brilliant Japanese feat, and many of those of middle-age should still have a vivid recollection of the overwhelming wave of pro-Japanese sentiment that swept this country. Balfour to President Wilson, in which Mr.

The notorious agent provocateur of war, Sir Basil Zaharoff, was an active figure in the secret diplomacy of Europe in this period. Like many more servicemen, he was filled with resentment as the deluge of utterly obvious and brazen falsehood, by which participation in that war had been forced upon the American people, was exposed, and became more evident day by day after the war was won.

Why have not our professors of history, our college presidents and educators, or our crusading newspapers exposed this monstrosity? As a result of the British subsidy, the first Duma, whose probable pro-German leanings were greatly feared, lasted only ten weeks from May 9 to June 22, It is the betrayal of democracy and of the fallen in the war.

That the British did not correctly evaluate their Jap ally at the beginning of their relations would appear from the ideology of Cecil Rhodes, cited [[49]] hereinafter; which was written at about the stage of the first alliance with Japan, and which embraces in the dawning British world state “the seaboard of China and Japan. The effective domination tactic of the British Empire, and its subsequent ‘Atlanticist’ power block, which currently is enforced with United States miltary hegemony, along with unparalleled and devious treachery, is the superiority of naval or sea power to control the Eurasian subcontinent, and prevent opposing imperial challengers from gaining a strategic foothold.

The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power

As Winston Churchill ingenuously assured the American people: Remember me on this computer. Of this government the late President Jordan of Stanford University said: Trouble immediately centered in nearby Morocco, an independent empire which was occupied by the French in accord with the treaty with Britain.

We are now the victims of a grotesque and fanciful contention that the freedom and liberty of the United States is inextricably intertwined with the continued domination of these few Britishers over nearly one-third of the earth’s surface; that our own safety is dependent on the protection extended over us by the illusive power of the great British Commonwealth of Nations; that our own mighty and compact and unified country with , people living in early the finest and most productive 3, square miles on earth, cannot continue [[55]] to exist and to protect itself without the sheltering “umbrella” of the 68,00 white people of the British Empire scattered all over the face of the globe their strength dispersed in the task of keeping the , colored subject of the Crown under control.


Gladstone was reluctant, but after several days of hesitation, he added to Lord Granville’s draft an appeal to the magnanimity of the King, begged him to consider the danger to the peace of Europe, enjoined him further to say nothing to give ground for the supposition that England had any business to discuss the abstract right of Spain to choose her own sovereign.

The grand plan of the ‘One World’ order decrees that it is necessary to limit the political and territorial expansion of Russia promptly and peremptorily. The cost to the people of the United States of that unnecessary war is quite appalling, since highly organized and efficient lobbies have provided for a system of pensions to persons whose relation to the war was only nominal, which have already amounted to tens of millions of dollars and will continue yet for a long generation.

Page admitted that the British would have been found fighting with France even if France had violated Belgium in order to reach German territory more effectively On April 25,war was declared as existing since April 21st. Greene, relates in “Army Life in Russia,” published in that in passing one of the burial trenches filled with the bodies of naked Turkish dead, he saw among the corpses a living man; his head and one arm only visible, speechlessly beckoning for aid.

She had gradually occupied the northern half of Persia, while Britain had occupied most of the southern half to resist her, with a small neutral zone between. Greene, the former military attache to the U. The presumption with which the henchmen of this racket are forcing their agents into control of still not fully subdued sovereign nations of Europe, Asia and South America, provides only a superficial preview of the endless bloody pacification that lies ahead.

The Empire of the City : E C Knuth :

The Agenda of The City has avoided public discovery through the Pilgrims, and dodged any subsequent prosecution by hiding behind the diplomatic immunity afforded with membership to the Carnegie fund. Coolidge has been accused in some Internationalist circles of being directly responsible for the Internationalist recession which opened the way for the rebirth of Nationalism in the Citt countries, among which Russia must be included.

Regretfully he records further: Gladstone had been openly charged with treason for [[27]] his opposition to British imperialistic aggression; the benign character of that dual and double-headed Dr.

Latane The Odyssey Press, Inc.

Americans generally failed to grasp the significance of the outburst of hostility, insult and indignity to which American tourists were subjected in France and England directly after this incident. The impeachment of this dual structure of government by Prof.

Rhodes in the Pilgrims of Great Britain, often used by British statesmen in recent years as a public sounding board; and the Pilgrims of the United States, the latter founded in New York City on January 13,and listed in directories of secret societies with no indication or purpose.

With the other Great Powers of Europe locked up in the “policy of encirclement” on the continent of Europe by the overwhelming sea-power and imposing military and commercial over-balance of the new British Balance of Power, there was inaugurated an era of almost unrestricted territorial acquisition and plunder.

Rengo of Japan was obliged to pay a territorial “Franchise” fee, plus a service fee for news furnished.