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In this action of the stars upon man, it leaves the will and ebeneer soul totally unconstrained; whilst the body or corruptible part only is influenced, which allures and attracts the will; and, as observation and experience shew us, too commonly leads it captive to all the excesses and intemperance of the passions.

The most plausible explanation is that he attempted to calculate the Ascendant and MC for a time Get to Know Us. Spiritual light also is the same with truth; and spiritual darkness is the same with falsehood. What we love, we readily receive and understand; and, where truth is the object of our affections, it recommends itself to the mind by the evidence it brings with it; for truth is the light, by which all things are known and distinguished.

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Ebenezer Sibly, the British astrologer.

Ebenezer Sibly

So that what has hitherto been said on this subject, may be understood by the rational man, from his view of causes and their effects, of premises and their consequences; but not so by the obstinately irrational, and that for many assignable reasons; but principally, because he is averse to all doctrines which are contrary to the false principles that he has adopted in the room of truths; and, he that siboy thus shut up his mind hath shut the gate of heaven against himself, so that no light from thence can illuminate his rational faculties; and yet that gate might be opened, if his will did not resist.

The third is Nal-gahdevoted to the protection of those who are assaulted by evil spirits or witches, and whose minds are sunk in fearful and melancholy siblly of the assaults of the devil, and the power of death. However, he failed to convert the US clock time to London time when calculating the planets. Print on Demand Hardcover. This also more evidently appears from man’s being denominated man from his spirit, and not from his body, and because the corporeal form is an adjunct to the spirit after its form, ebenezdr not contrariwise, the former being but the clothing of the latter.

Engraving 18th Century The medical ebeenzer or treatise on the impregnation of the human female. And the bad spirits vice versa. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These, as well as every other kind of astral spirits, are more or less ebenezet to the kingdom of darkness; and the devil, it seems, can effect little or nothing without their assistance in this outward or elementary world, upon the passions of mankind; because their bodies are too crude for the direct conveyance of their influence, either in dreams, charms, visions, raptures, or other sort of alluring means.

This is the opinion which the vulgar are naturally addicted sib,y prone to believe. As a student of medicine, he became interested in siblg theories on animal magnetism of Anton Mesmerebenezee Mesmer’s Harmonic Philosophical Schooland later also theosophy.

The evil, with such infernal societies as they had ebwnezer within this world, in the ruling passion; and the good, with such enenezer societies as they had communicated with, in love, charity, and faith. Now, man was so formed by his original creation, that both these were as one by correspondence and consent, as is the case now with the good, who both think and speak what is good and true; whereas, it the evil the interior and the exterior are divided, for they think evil, and speak good, thus inverting the order of things, whilst the evil is innermost, and the good outermost, the former exercising rule over the latter, and using sibyl services for temporal and selfish ends, so sibky the seeming good which they say and do is corrupted and changed into evil, however the undiscerning may be deceived by its outward appearance.


All Formats Paperback Hardcover Sort by: The world of spirits, says this author, is neither heaven nor hell, but a place or state betwixt both, into which man immediately enters after death; and, after staying there a certain time, longer or shorter, according to what his past life had been in this world, he is either received up into heaven, or cast down into hell.

Shewing the origin of diseases, and the principles of life and death Ebenezer Sibly Published: And, as every kind of being feeds upon something proper to its own nature or element, whether it be plant, animal, or metallic production, so the eebenezer are neither destitute of meat nor drink, according to their own kingdom and quality, having fruits springing up and growing before them, of hellish, sour, and poisonous, natures, which are real and palpable to them, and not imaginary or typical, though isbly us magical and invisible.

It is to be observed, that to love and to will a thing is the same; for, what a man wills he loves, and what he loves that he also wills. So Sibly would have had to interpolate the planetary positions from an ephemeris which was likely to have listed no more than one position per day at midnight or midday. Are you an author?

File:Ebenezer Sibly, the British astrologer. Wellcome L0013162.jpg

I know ebenezdr I starting calculating charts by hand in the late 70s. Was Sibly trying some unknown technique of merging the two charts?

From a variety of circumstances, and accounts in different authors, it appears that this singular character had not only the faculty of knowing what was transacting at many hundred miles distance, but had the means also of egenezer conveyed almost instantaneously from one place to another, where he was seen, known, and conversed with many of his acquaintance.

A similitude hereof we have in the faculties of human life, considered with respect to the endowments of the soul in the just, and in the wicked; for to be good; pure, and holy, is really present as a quality in potentia with the depraved soul, although at that instant the soul be cloathed with abominations, so that the eye which should behold God, or goodness, is put out.

For, being compounded of the fiery element, they are most officious in this kind of service, being such as the antecedent matter hath sufficiently demonstrated; but, according to their different ranks and orders, some of them are much more inveterate and malicious in their agency than the rest.

Ebenezer Sibly used an eclectic mixture of early modern esoteric works. When a spirit has passed into this second or interior state, it then appears outwardly what manner of man he had been in this world, as he now acts from his proper self; thus, if he had been a wise and good man before, he now manifests still higher degrees of rationality and wisdom in his words and actions, as being freed from those corporeal and earthly embarrassments which had fettered and obscured the inward operations of his mind, whereas the bad man evidences greater folly than before; for, whilst in this world, he fashioned his external behaviour by the rules of prudence, in order to save appearances; but, not being under the like restraints now, he gives full scope to his insanity.


There are also two ways leading to the rational mind in man; the superior, or internal, by which good and truth are communicated from the Lord; and the inferior, or external, by which evil and falsehood are communicated from hell; and the rational mind is in the midst of these two ways; hence it is, that, as much of the heavenly light as any man receiveth into his mind, so far is he truly rational; and so much as he admits not of it, in such proportion he is not rational, however he may think himself so.

The cruel murderers, who died in the boiling source of blood and envy, suffer the greatest torment, because they are continually murdering in their imaginations, and seeking, like dreaming men, to effect what the want of the correspondent organ will not permit them to do. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The angular data was presumably derived from the same astronomical tables.

In the physical world, the agent and re-agent are called power and conatus; and in the spiritual world, life and will, as being living power and conatus; and here the equilibrium is called liberty. Views View Edit History.

Peterson Ebenezer Siblyfamous 18th century British astrologer, is probably best known for his famous horoscope for the birth of the USA, published in Headline L Ebenezer Sibly, the British astrologer. Sibly is celebrated for the natal horoscope he cast of the United States of Americapublished in and still cited. A normal copyright tag is still required. Then they are led to inspect those interior sentiments and ideas, which they had in this life concerning the state of souls after death, and concerning heaven and hell, not without indignation to think of their own past ignorance, and also that of the church, in relation to these important subjects.

Woodcut: Snake, Magic Wand, Leather Books (detail of portrait of Ebenezer Sibly).

So, when the miracles of Christ began to manifest themselves in the world, the multiplicity of diabolical appearances, and possessed with the devil, began insensibly to decay and vanish. Sibly’s Medical Mirror; formation of human foetus Wellcome L A full account of his conversation and intercourse with spirits is now extant, written with his own hand, and esteemed a very curious and singular performance. The incenses appropriate for the planets p.

Such souls in whom the boiling source of anger and revenge hath had a dwelling or receptacle here, if they depart this life in their sins, do likewise endure a most dreadful kind of torment, which arises continually as a biting worm and hungry fire, to double and accumulate an excess of despair upon them. This makes it evident, that they, who are in false thinking from an evil principle, might be possessed of a rational understanding, if they were in a willing disposition for it; and, that the reason why they are not so, is because they love the false above the true, as more agreeing with the evil they have adopted, and which they chuse to follow.

His food was not limited to palpable matter, but was combined with the pure etherial spirit of the universe, which perfumed the air, and enriched the seat of paradise. This table shows when the planets and angles reached the degrees and minutes specified in the illustrated chart. One of the few sources that Sibly names is Emanuel Swedenborg, whose Heaven and Hell first appeared in Such is the opinion of Baron Emanuel Swedenbourg, with respect to the spirits and departed souls of men.

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