The inverted metallurgical microscope Nikon MA Eclipse is compact and powerful and designed for metallurgical specimen testing. Buhler supplies this. Nikon Eclipse MA April 17, | | 0 Comments. by Leslie Bolin. Share this. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Categories. “How To” Tutorials (26); @ The. Nikon Instruments, Inc. introduces the Eclipse MA, an inverted materials microscope with an innovative design that has been optimized for.

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This is crucial when acquiring the optimum settings for observation and image capture.

The MA uses integrated intelligence to automatically combine captured images with data on their observation settings for more comprehensive documentation. Improved uniformity of illumination delivers clear images, especially for digital imaging.

Nikon MA200 Eclipse Inverted Microscope

Large image stitching is also possible through the optional stitching function in the NIS-Elements software. All eclips are on the front of the instrument. DS-L4 camera control unit Stand-alone type The built-in, high-definition, News Room Subscribe via: Automatically detects the address of the objective lens currently in use and displays it on the main unit front panel.

The newly developed 1X objective lens enables macro observation with actual field view of 25mm, making it possible to view the whole area of an embedded metallurgical sample.

Delivers ease-of-use by placing all important controls on the front. The MA delivers bright, high resolution and high contrast images. For questions about using the LabWrench web site please call us. Description Features Photos 1 Documents 1. Nikon News Press Releases and Articles. We appreciate the support of individuals eclopse companies making their documents and resources available to our community.


July 7 th0 Replies Post a Reply. A box shaped microscope, in which not only the width but also the depth is reduced dramatically: January 4 th0 Replies Post a Reply. Nikon Instruments is one of the microscopy and digital imaging arms of Nikon Inc. Provides a more ergonomic and clear image observation. The footprint is only one-third of a conventional model! Cutting-edge instruments include microscopes, digital imaging products and software.

For more information, visit www. It looks awkward eclipae use with the motion knobs located so close to the front.

Nikon Eclipse MA | Forums | Questions | Discussions | Help | LabWrench

Eclipse MA The Eclipse MA eclpse an inverted materials microscope with an innovative design that has been optimized for digital imaging and ergonomic efficiency. One third of the space of conventional models Improved durability thanks to the unique box structure. Employs internal turrets that keep dust off the illumination filters, maintaining bright uniform illumination. The intelligent eclise nosepiece will output the objective position and internal magnification data out to DS-L2 and NIS-Elements for automatic scale calibration.


NIS-Elements allow the user to perform everything from basic image capture to the measurement, analysis, and management of captured images. Introduces New Research Stereo Microscopes. The scales size will automatically be calibrated when the objective magnification is changed. The 50W eclilse light source realizes the same brightness as the previous W light source with only about half the power consumption. This feature makes it easy to use the measurement function in the DS-L4.


Quantitative illumination adjustment, which is crucial when acquiring the optimum settings for observation, image capture and especially large image stitching, can be made via PC control. Additionally, its new and unique eclipes design allows easy access to the sample on the stage eclipes nosepiece, while making the footprint size one third of the conventional model.

The observation position of the objective lens and sample can be checked easily from the microscope’s front panel. If you eclipsd a document or resource that does not belong please let us know by emailing info labwrench. Smaller footprint than conventional models: In addition, the MA offers a wide range of contrast methods including episcopic bright field, episcopic dark field, DIC, simple polarizing and episcopic fluorescence.

Nikon’s very own solution for an ideal microscope. Adjacent images can be put together to create an image with a wide field. Additionally, by combining the Metalo software module grain sizing and cast ironthe system will be optimal for JIS and ASTM standard compliant metallurgical analysis. Quantitative illumination adjustment can be made eclkpse by viewing the voltage value.