: Posthuman Studios Eclipse Phase Gatecrashing Game (4 Player): Rob Boyle, Brian Cross, Jason Hardy, David Hill, Ken Horner, Evan Jamieson. I’ve been reading through Rimward the last few days and just love the idea of a [ Sliders]() style adventure. Here is the thread for this (potential) gatecrashing game. Before I get to work on a 16, and everything, I’d like to discuss everyone’s preferences.

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Astonishing book with lots of story hooks. Gatecrashing Agreed, we can keep doing what we’re doing. Now up to Chapter 23!


The team is also thrown into a civil war between autonomists and the hypercorps on a distant exoplanet colony. I’m for a strong exploration theme. I guess some of the more alien-based ones in Transhuman would be appropriate for making her go forth and try to be a Gatecrasher, but I’d have to figure out the specifics of them and how she acts, as well as what events in the project caused her to have such craziness.

I think a Sentinel or two would be good at first.

A few games examined other parts of the narrative without affecting the main plot. Abundance — Episode 8. Loren Kristol provided technical data to a cell of exhuman terrorists. Keith rated it it was amazing Feb 27, Former Jovian soldier branded a traitor and turned space pirate. It’s widely believed that these gates were manufactured by the TITANs, the superintelligent AIs that wrecked the Earth and fled for points unknown, but even the suspicion that the TITANs might be monitoring the network doesn’t prevent their use.

Full of plot hooks, settings, and complications to spice up Eclipse Phase campaigns. Ecto, Specs, 3x Tools kitBlueprint: For my part, I’m thinking something akin to what Shadowrun calls a Rigger – Hardware skills and Jamming as opposed to the hacking skillsand be a sort of “Mr. John rated it really liked it Feb 24, Razielivaldi rated it it was amazing Nov 06, Originally Posted by Hemnon.


I’m less interested in colonization, and more interested in exploration. Selling the rights to our explored and claimed worlds seems like it would be a profitable endeavor. I’ve wrapped my head around what character I could play: There has been some major additions, including a ship diagram, expansion on the encountered alien life and lots of continuity corrections.

Also, fine with R. Catherine Tongs, a morph stealing gang that operates in the Titanian Commonwealth.

Ark – A Gatecrashing campaign

It has gathered resources and intelligence on Alpha Plus, a remote habitat eeclipse the outer solar system. It is based on a post about colony ships which I can’t seem to find any more. I’d like to go with either a Ghostmoduled Infomorph that works as the Team-Cyberprotection in case we meet any sort of tech-virus’ and such. The gatecrashers must recover them from a hypercorp green zone. Each is relatively short, but still packed with ideas that can be used any number of places.

Kristol met with the Ultimates on the gatecrashinh and the team needs to find out the details of their deal.

Jan 14, Randy Mcdonald rated it it was amazing Shelves: How far does the conspiracy go? Can their gatecrrashing work against hardened mercenaries? Gatecrashing Here an EP’s wiki. All while retaining the drawbacks that come with being a Lost. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It could give a bit of flavor to the reason of botchy signals and unsure gate-connections that happens to the Official gates?

Eclipse Phase: Gatecrashing

Here is an ancient Dyson sphere, a vast artifact with a surface area of millions of Earths; there, a promising colony world with an extinct native sophont species set to be revived; through this gate, a world with a mysteriously integrated ecology centered around a species of tree; through that gate, a planet of hallucinogenic plant life settled by hedonists and run by, among others, Lady Gaga.


Last edited by jolinaxas; at Always love a good EP AP. Just keep in mind, you will likely be getting quite a bit of your gear from the corp that sends you through the gate, and crashing is a death sentence more often then not The team wakes up on Minerva 4, missing their memories.

They aren’t gagecrashing necessarily the “good guys Jason Carter rated it really liked it Oct 16, A honey pot operation and breaking and entering into a secure apartment. Otherwise I’ll go with an Infiltrator-sort.

Gatecrashing Here is the thread for this potential gatecrashing game. Coan rated it really liked it Jan 17, The gatecrashers have recovered from their investigation on Titan and have proceeded to the space libertarian paradise known as Extropia.

Each is relatively First off, I know basically nothing about Eclipse Phase: Mar 09, Sean Richmond rated it really liked it. Gatecrashing I actually wrote up two different potential characters for an EP game that never got off the ground. And since I’ve almost no experience with EP, any suggestion is welcome. Before I get to work on a 16, and everything, I’d like to discuss everyone’s preferences.