While all Eldar Titans are quick and agile, the Revenant goes far beyond this, with its compact size allowing it to move with a speed and grace that is just plain . Last I checked, the Revenant Titan costs points now – I’m wondering if I’ve misread this or otherwise am missing something, as this is. Eldar Titans are large mechanical, bipedal combat walkers produced by the Eldar. Similar to the lumbering Titans that are the greatest war.

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Similar to the lumbering Titans that are the greatest war machines of the Imperium of ManEldar Titans combine grace, speed and deadly firepower. These tall, slender war engines are built to be aesthetically pleasing as well as fully functional, like all Eldar technology, and possess a grace and beauty rarely seen amongst the deadly implements of Mankind.

Warhound engine vents 1. The profile of both weapons is pretty nasty, but definitely nothing too crazy, especially once you factor in that it takes a -1 to hit if it moves and has a decreasing BS as it takes wounds This weapon was originally used by Exodites to pacify local wildlife, but the effect can be amplified to launch devastating assaults on the minds of sentient enemies, particularly when backed by the full psychic might contained within a Warlock Titan.


Revenant Scout Titan

This article is about the Eldar Titan elddar. War machines of such size and power as the Phantom Titan are not deployed for the Eldar race’s usual lightning raids and surgical strikes. Eldar Titans are large, bipedal combat walkers produced by the Craftworld Eldarthe Asuryani.

Warhound leg pin locations 1. Vehicles Eldar Super-Heavy Walkers. Warhound bases with foot prints 2. These units are like Warhound Scout Rvenant only they can actually run and lay down lots of Firepower! In other languages Deutsch.

Eldar Titans

I think a warhound kills 2 revenants for the same points. The resonance set up in the crystal acts to reveant out aggressive instincts from the creatures in its area of effect. Warhound engine room detail in progress. Linked telepathically by the blood-ties of their pilots or “Steersmen,” they always fight side-by-side.

Warhound gun compartment pinning 1. Warhound elevator section detail.

Eldar Titans move with a smooth agility and grace unachievable by the Imperium’s Titans. Submit a new link.

Despite this almost ethereal grace, Edar Titans are well-armed, powerful adversaries. Their primary armament are a pair of Pulsars, immensely powerful laser weapons, although some are instead armed with Sonic Lances. Retrieved from ” http: The Psychic Lance uses a short burst of psychic energy directed through a crystal mounted in the Warlock Titan’s visor. Warhound void shield generators magnetized.

Your ad here, right now: Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. A noted tactic for the Eldar is to pair their Titans together. It is also protected by a Titan-grade Holo-Field projected by the large rear wings. Now titans are reserved for Apocalypse games which often don’t have a points limit anyway. Ads by Project Wonderful! Warhound leg to hip pin locations.

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Such sets of siblings are considered fated for greatness by the Craftworld Eldar, and invariably find positions of great power within Asuryani society. Phantom Titans are built around a Wraithbone core which permits the spirits contained within it to flow freely through the whole construct.

Secondary armament consists of a shoulder-mounted Revenant Missile Launcher, loaded with a plasma warhead. In place of the heavy armor of lesser races’ Ledar the Revenant is principally protected by an image-distorting Holo-field projected from the Titan’s fins which confuse auspexes of all types.

Eldar Revenant Titan by Steve Fields | Photobucket

Importing your Facebook albums We have started importing your albums. What makes Phantom Titans distinctive from those of the other races is their crew. The Revenant Titan is the smallest Eldar Titanused often as forward scouts for larger Titans or to provide fire support for conventional forces. Sign In Don’t have an account? A rarely encountered variant of the Phantom Titan is known as the Warlock Titan.