In the ancient city of Easton, Rhapsody is learning musical magic after a brief Elizabeth Haydon, Author Tor Books $ (p) ISBN ELIZABETH HAYDON. Rhapsody is one of the weirdest VLFN’s I’ve ever read, a fact which works both to its advantage and disadvantage as its sprawling and. Rhapsody: Child of Blood (The Symphony of Ages) [Elizabeth Haydon, Kevin T. Collins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rhapsody, n.

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This transition has profound magical effects on them, of which they are at first unaware.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: The other successful series written by author Haydon is a young adult series called as The Lost Journals of Ven Polypheme. There are only two people Achmed truly cares for – Grunthor and Rhapsody. May 19, John P rated it liked it. There was a lot of telling, especially when it came to the history and descriptions of a world or culture or magic, which was disappointing.

Lastly, there are some scenes in the book that just seem to float in space with no real purpose. The heroine consistently is the one moving the plot forward, and is clearly the hero, all men are rescued by her and not the other way around.

Rhapsody: Child of Blood

Elizabeth Haydon is among one of the popular writers of America, who loves to write her novels based on the fantasy genre. Why, then, did I put myself through four episodes before a I couldn’t take anymore and b the school library ran out of copies? Together they are able to unite the Cymrians again – as the newly elected Lord and Lady Cymrian.

He is half Dhracian on his mother’s side and half Firbolg. Personally I think it would have served much better to wrap rlizabeth up, or leave them at a rbapsody hanger, and save the last three chapters and place them in the next book as the first three. To ask other readers questions about Rhapsodyplease sign up. The next 2 books form the middle part of the series and then from the 6th book onwards, a new trilogy has started within the series. They are now in the faraway land of Roland.

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The writing was quite descriptive, and the style leaned toward narrative. It’s free on Kindle Unlimited too! His soul is nearly taken from him, and to escape becoming the host for the demon, he severs what’s left of it. She started out fairly well, a former prostitute trying to escape from an over-attentive client, but it all went downhill after that.

Unfortunately, there are three major problems. I will expound on the problems I had with the book some, but Elizaneth would like to preface it with saying that despite these problems I had fun reading the book.

Rhapsody: Child of Blood by Elizabeth Haydon

Family secrets come back to haunt Reacher when he decides to visit the town his father was born in. When she is pursued by the underlings of her former client Michael, who is obsessed with her, Rhapsody tries to enlist help of two Firbolgaccidentally renaming one of them, a ruthless assassin then called The Brother to Achmed the Snake. He naydon a massive weapon collection on his back, and has named all of his weapons.

Apr 15, Chris rated it did not like it. Rhapsody, the main character, is a Namer, a profession that includes passing down the history and lore of the people and the land. Audiobook First off don’t you love it when a paragraph begins with “First off”I could not believe rhapsocy amount of time they were inside the tree.

Elizabeth Haydon – Wikipedia

Grunthor is a personal favvv hes a lovable brute, with an unquenchable bloodlust. Jo is a troubled, rude and angry year-old girl, an orphaned child of the street, who is rescued elizabdth Rhapsody, Achmed and Grunthor from being killed by minions of F’dor, along with several other children.


After a few years of the publication of the 1st three books in the series, they were published again in the form of a 6 volume set called as the La Symphonie des siecles. Rhapsody is the child of a Human father and a Liringlas Skysinger mother. Later on in the book, every man she comes across, and many of the women, are instantly dumpstruck if not falling madly in love with her simply because of her shear beauty.

Elizabeth Haydon

Symphony of Ages 9 books. The concern with purity was so extreme that it became fetishistic, and the main character going from attractive to so beautiful men couldn’t control themselves around her is incredibly problematic. DNF, some point after the Fire Incident Haydon doesn’t focus on the horrific, but she doesn’t shy away from the dark side. For brave fantasy readers who aren’t scared of long-winded authors. This book is very well plotted – in fact the series is very well plotted.

These problems do get better as time goes on, and the third book is almost bearable, it’s all still awfully annoying. You couldn’t help but like him for saying no to Rhapsody so many times and for not killing herbut I don’t think the author understood him any better than Rhapsody. We don’t actually get to meet her yet, but by the end of the book we know we’re going to. If she wrote a book that was nothing but Rhapsody, Grunthor, Achmed and Jo hanging around and taking, I’d probably read it and consider it time well spent.