Ensayos industriales – A. González Arias y A.C.A Palazón – Edit. Litenia. 5. Curso de Tecnología del Hormigón – A. N Castiarena – Edit. Lopez Penalver, J. J.; Gonzalez Gomez, C.; Ferro Garcia, M. A.; Prados Joya, G. realización de dos ensayos de alteración acelerada (cristalización de sales y Superior de Ingenieros Industriales, Jose Gutierrez Abascal, Madrid (Spain). .. çon, ënne-Loccoz, , , ón, árez. a escalas más detalladas, dictar políticas de control a la actividades agrícolas, industriales, urbanas, .. Navarro Palazón, Julio; Ramírez Águila, Juan Antonio.

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Elongated indusrtiales outcrops formed a palaeo-coast when sea level was approximately 35 to 20 m below that of the present day, and bound a relatively flat area.

El patrimonio arqueológico en España en el siglo XIX. El impacto de las desamortizaciones

Los fragmentos de vidrio esmaltado son francamente excepcionales entre los hallazgos murcianos de 6poca andalusf. Secondly, we consider there are already several “books” inside the Alhambra, mainly the famous inscriptions covering walls and other places. Imperialist archaeology in the Canary Islands. An integrated methodology for salt damage assessment and remediation: Implications for volcanic surveillance in the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

SUBTERRANEO (underground): Topics by

Whereas the number of proliferations accounted for most of the TAI peak in spring, its contribution decreased during the year, to a minimum in winter, where primary assimilators were the main contributors to TAI. Quality controls are useful in order to check whether the services are being executed according to the quantity, quality and performance standards that are provided.

The Moslems were such masters in the ait of irrigation that they were able to cultivate many areas of inferior quality, which were abondoned later by those who repopulated the Alpujarra.

The soft-bottom Abra alba community of the Bay of Morlaix may only support a maximal carrying capacity of approximately g m -2 mean annual biomass in decalcified dry weight. Las monedas de Emperadores romanos y otras muchas en esta finca. For Ibn Arabi, the fountain is a mirage sarab which the thirsty mystic thinks he is seeing and, once he discovers his mistake, he discovers God and his own self.

Moreover, they have to pay the price of the water, or they would be fined with 5. In the second part, is explored the relation between territory and identity, as well as the influence of certain socio-economic and cultural transformations in identity processes through an empirical study of the Vega de Granada KeywordsTerritory, landscape, culture, identity, Vega de Granada.


The vertical shear in this case is one order of magnitude greater than in the less frequent opposite situation. A set of parameters were derived from the flow structure to identify distinct types of inversions and to hypothesize about their driving mechanisms. Magazines such as Weekly Picturesque Spanish, and Memories and Beauty of Spain, have become broadcasting agents of our rich heritage, through articles and images, and the need for conservation and restoration.

In relation to the time of exposure, freestyle skiing showed the shortest time of exposure 0.

cadiz malaga granada: Topics by

In the past decades, the experimental setup located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has produced a significant amount of experimental data. As in other cold seeps, the dominant bivalves in mud volcanoes MV from the Gulf of Cadiz are macrofauna belonging to the families Solemyidae Acharax sp.

Puesto que nos parecen interesantes, reproducimos ambas noticias: Therefore, this study’s objective was to determine the relevant direct and indirect relationships of land management and budgetary procedures of municipalities with overall production levels of hazardous waste.

Meanwhile, in the Alpujaixa Granadina, where precipitation was high, more surface water used, by means of a complex network of acequias, which carried the water to the areas to be irrigated. Vi aSj ; 2: Genin Almeiza every week from 3 p.

Histoire de Don Pedre Ier, roi de Castille. The project establishes four major objectives: Existen poderosas razones historiogrdficas que nos inclinan a pensar que los vidrieros musulmanes debieron emigrar de Murcia en indsutriales afios inmediatos a la sublevacion y represion de los mud6jares o, a lo sumo, a fines del siglo XIII.

Una vez aplicada la decoraci6n el vaso es reintroducido en el homo con el fin de provocar el pa,azon del esmalte pero extremando el cuidado para evitar la fusi6n del soporte, Esta operacidn nonnalmente se llevaba a cabo en un horno especial. Great diversity was established among medicinal species in the region. For a better description of the complicated network of canals, and the working of the whole system of irrigation, it is convenient to categorize the water 55 Hurtado de Mendoza, “De la guerra de Granada The Alhambra and other quarters of the city: This aqueduct in Trajan’s times century II A.

This area, includes the Tower, is now almost abandoned and empty; it should be transformed into another precious ambient of knowledge and meditation on Al Andalus heritage, but in contrast to many other places of the Alhambra, today flooded with visitors, this area should be secluded one, a paradise closed to many, a garden open to a few, as said Granada’s poet Soto de Rojas in the XVII century.


Por el licenciado Franciscao Bermudez de Pedraza, natural de ella, Abogado en los Reales Consejo de su Magestad, Dirigida a la muy noble, nombrada, y gran ciudad de Granada.

The Qurtubah mosque was greatly influenced by that of Damascus. Comparison of the factors of the built environment influencing the decision to walk for short trips in two Spanish cities: Grabados con plantas de Notre Dame de Noyon, de Vista del teatro romano de Sagunto de fecha indeterminada en la que se aprecia el muro de cierre construido hacia Lara Ortega, Y que industriwles tome la dicha tercia parte de agua en el lugar acostumbrado, que es junto a la Puerta Faxaleuza, en el lugar que se llairuz el Mafrox, y no en la parte do el dicho Francisco de Padilla nuevamente ha hecho cierto edificio.

Nicoliis constituyen el mds antiguo vestigio arqueol6gico del empleo de vidrieras en el mundo hispanomusulmdn y inxustriales primero en ensayps se extiendc tal clemenlo arquitect6nico al ambito domtSstico, y no s61o a edificios aulicios o religiosos. These gaps in knowledge have motivated the present pages. It is obvious that the irrigation of the Vega and the water supply system of the towns and villages was developed mainly during the Zirid dynasty, because Granda became the capital of the Kingdom, 3.

The incidence of injuries and diseases varied among sport specialities. Gaceta del Gobierno, 29 oct.

Recent research has been focused on carbonate mounds in the Gulf of Cadizespecially along the Moroccan margin. A first conclusion of the former preliminary elements on the “secretive level” in the Alhambra is the inrustriales for further interdisciplinary research on the philosophical and mythopoetic roots in such a complex monument, whose more spectacular elements were built in the XIX century but with induetriales other remains of former periods, even three centuries before.

Cold-water coral carbonate mounds occur in patches along the continental margin of the North Atlantic Ocean, from northern Indjstriales down to Mauretania. Historiographical recovery conducted in the second third of the nineteenth century the Hispano-Muslim heritage necessarily set its primary focus on material culture to reach the true account of cultural discovery.

This challenge is never disinterested.