The Eppendorf and Eppendorf R centrifuges are a unique cross-over that combine the best features of a microcentrifuge and multipurpose centrifuge. eppendorf® and CombiSlide® are registered trademarks of Eppendorf AG, Control panel and display of the Centrifuge / R (keypad version). Fig. 3. The unique cross-over microcentrifuges and R combine the features of a This includes place rotors (/ mL), a place rotor for Eppendorf.

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Cleaning of housing, checking condensation tray Checking for damage Checking lid latch Checking of rotor detection System test run. Obligatory check of rotor according to country-specific regulations e. Time savings as well as improved reproducibility through centrifugation at 30, x g. Rotor SATaerosol-tight, incl.

Brochure — Endless Possibilities. Please update to a current version, e. Centrifugenon-refrigerated, with Rotor FA incl. Instrument set-up Initial operation Instruction of user Checking for e Checking lid latch Checking speed sensor Verification of operating parameters acc. Eppendorf International Choose country. Forgot password or username?


Application Note — Application No.

Centrifuge / R – Centrifuges, Centrifugation – Eppendorf

This not only saves you time during every day use, it also takes repetitive stress off your wrist. Rotor FAHSaerosol-tight, incl. Instructions for use — Centrifuge R. Operating manual — Centrifuge R. Instructions for use — Centrifuge family – Rotor F Rotor FCryoincl.

Application Note — Centrifugation at 30, x g in plasmid DNA precipitation allows better recovery rates and shorter centrifugation times. White Paper — Routine Maintenance of Centrifuges. Certificate of Compliance — Centrifuge R. Installation guide — Centrifuge This program allows for automated pre-cooling based on pre-programmable time eppendrof date.

54300 Installation guide — Centrifuges. Rotor care instructions Rotor use instructions Inspection Seal replacement Lubrication Function test. But that’s not all. These centrifuges spin rotors for Eppendorf tubes and PCR strips as you would expect from any microcentrifuge.

FastTemp pro can be set to a specific date or as a repetitive event during several days every week.

Centrifuge 5430/ 5430 R

Poster — Maintenance of Centrifuges. Service product portfolio may vary according to country. Checking for damage Checking lid latch Checking eppendorc sensor Checking temperature sensors Verification of operating parameters acc. Rotor FPCRincl. Certificate of Compliance — Centrifuge Our website does not support your outdated browser version.


Rotor Fincl. Inquire now Type Please select filter non-refrigerated refrigerated. System test run OQ Report and certificate. F set-up Initial operation Instruction of user Checking for damage, lid latch Checking temperature sensors Checking speed sensor Verification of operating parameters acc.

This includes place rotors 1. Cleaning of housing Checking for damage Checking lid latch Checking of rotor bowl, internal parts Checking of housing, display, keypad, stability Checking of rotor detection Checking of imbalance detection Checking of speed sensor Evaluation of stored data, Software update, Wppendorf test run Discount on parts, labor, travel. Instructions for use — Rotor SAT.

Instructions for use — Tubes Control Panel type Please select filter keypad rotary knobs.