To highlight potential adverse effects of contrast agents. •! To produce guidelines on the safe use of contrast media in different clinical Version has until. “Contrast agents are much less nephrotoxic than previously thought”, said Aart van der the current ESUR Contrast Media Safety Committee (CMSC) guideline. It is a great honor for the Contrast Media Safety Committee of the European So- ciety of Urogenital Radiology (ESUR) to present version of its Contrast Media 7. 1. AN OVERVIEW. This overview summarizes some of the most important.

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However, the ESUR guidelines are not only about evidence-based data: I agree to the Bayer Group Privacy Statement. Patients who have had a previous contrast medium reaction, or who are on interleukin-2 treatment should be advised that a late skin reaction is possible and that they should contact a doctor if they have a problem. Refer to late adverse reactions section 1. Detailed information about the use of cookies on this website can be medua in our Privacy Statement Cookie Settings Agreed.


Do not mix contrast media with other drugs in tubes and syringes.

Contrast media 7.0

In hospital inpatietns with diagnosed AKI one to two days are preferable. Due to the use of responsive templates, the web version can be viewed on any size screen, tablet or even smartphones without the need for an additional application.

History of pulmonary hypertension. Patients at risk should be closely monitored by endocrinologists after iodine- based contrast medium injection.

At-risk patients see above. Late adverse reactions to intravascular iodinated contrast media.

Patients with diabetes mellitus taking metformin. Intravenous IV contrast reaches the renal arteries after passing the right heart and the pulmonary circulation and is thus diluted. Antibiotics and intravenous fluids.


Contrast media :

The effect of intraarterial IA application depends on the injection site: No special preparation is required. We hope that you like the new booklet, that it is helpful in your practice and that it will benefit all our patients. An audience member asked whether a multiple myeloma patients really did not need any special care.

High osmolality ionic contrast media. This differentiation is important for patient stratification: An adverse reaction which occurs within 1 hour of contrast medium injection.


ESUR Update 2018

Sign Up for free now and gain access to Isotope imaging of the thyroid should be avoided for two months after iodine-based contrast medium injection. Extravascular administration of iodine-based contrast contrasr. We have modernized the layout to make it user-friendly as well as stylish. The use of iodinated and gadolinium contrast media during pregnancy and lactation.

Renal adverse reactions to iodine-based contrast media. Renal adverse reactions to gadolinium-based contrast agents. Use a non-ionic contrast medium. At risk patients see above. It their renal function has not deteriorated, they should restart metformin. Measurement of renal function B. Their eGFR should be determined within 48 hours.

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European Society of Urogenital Radiology

Before the examination B. Skin reactions similar in type to other drug induced eruptions. Neither serum nor plasma creatinine is an ideal indicator of renal function dontrast may miss decreased renal function.