Overview: Integrating BIG-IP DNS (formerly GTM) with other BIG-IP systems on a Setting Up a BIG-IP DNS Redundant System Configuration. Hi, Does anyone have any example GTM configurations to provide GSLB to LTMs? and reading this guide: Having said that, here are some simple configuration commands via tmsh for configuring a GTM for initial use. Integrating BIG-IP GTM Into a Network with BIG-IP LTM Overview: Configuring how and when GTM saves configuration changes GTM never saves changes to the configuration (manual save required).

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Server names are limited to 63 characters. Load balancing outbound traffic through links of differing bandwidths Ensure that at least one data center exists in the configuration.

In the view hierarchy, this view is listed first. This record must be the only one associated with the alias name. This virtual server is the primary resource for DNS name resolution requests for the company web page that originate from Europe. These statistics do not reflect the actual probes that the pool members made to servers on your network.

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You can define persistence for the distributed application, ensuring that a user, who accesses the distributed application uses the same resources during a single session. The big3d agent can now gather and analyze path and metrics information about outbound traffic passing through the router the link represents. You can use two c5 wildcard characters in the wide IP name: Load balancing outbound traffic over the least expensive link first Ensure that at least one data center exists in the configuration.


About data centers All of the resources on your network are associated with a data center.

For example, when a user visits a web site, multiple DNS name resolution requests are generated as the user moves from page to page. With the ZoneRunner utility, you can: A related question about the answer: This figure illustrates how Prober pools work.

Servers contain the virtual servers that are the ultimate destinations of DNS name resolution requests.

A virtual server can be a member of multiple pools and have different attributes in each pool. You can login here. DNS file type Description SOA Start of authority The start of authority resource record, SOA, starts every zone file and indicates confguration a nameserver is the best source of information for a particular zone.

About distributed applications A distributed application is a collection of one or more wide IPs, data centers, and links that serve as a single application to a web site visitor.

Using ZoneRunner to configure named. The first name field specifies the zone that is served by the nameserver that is specified in the nameservers name field.

AskF5 | Manual: BIG-IP DNS: Implementations

Are the self-IP addresses local addresses? These statistics reflect only the number of Probe requests and their success or failure. In the case of host servers, this IP address and port number likely point to the resource itself. A pool is a collection of virtual servers that can reside on multiple servers.

Example GTM and LTM configuration

A third option cojfiguration be for GTM to send a request to the data center that is located closest to the client’s source address. A distributed application associated with that wide IP also becomes unavailable. Fri Mar 11 Creating a master DNS zone A master zone is authoritative.

Zone files for a primary zone contain, at minimum, the start of authority SOA and nameserver NS resource records for the zone.


F should be one A record for each IP address of the machine. With the ZoneRunner utility, you can:. LTM And guidde commands: The root hint is built into BIND version 9. Prober pool statistics displayed per system. Perform these steps on both the active and standby systems. The status of a Prober pool also indicates the status of the members of the pool. If you want further help creating a custom hint file, see SOL on www.

Please do not provide personal information. About third-party host servers A host gtj a network resource that is not a part of the BIG-IP product family and does not provide load balancing.

IP addresses Data center location. The value of the TTL time-to-live of a key specifies how long confifuration client resolver can cache the key.

Stub Stub zones are similar to confifuration zones, except that stub zones contain only the NS records for the zone. The virtual server is now available only when the virtual servers on the dependency list are also available. If the original Statistics Collection server had an IP address of Things might have changed, but in the current documentation I find the following:.

The web server, which hosts the web-based Configuration utility, supports Secure Sockets Layer SSL connections as well as user authentication. Configuring statistics to reflect link bandwidth usage Your ISP ggm must use duplex billing. Link names are limited to 63 characters.