Familia. Heliconiaceae Ramos Loyo Lluvia Rubí Clasificación según Cronquist Orden Zingiberales Suborden Clase Liliopsida Subclase Zingiberidae. Heliconias Colombianas, Familia Heliconiaceae, Flores Tropicales y Exóticas de Colombia. “Heliconia rostrata é uma herbácea perene da família Heliconiaceae, habitando florestas tropicais do Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Panamá, Brasil.

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An identification key was made based on morphological and anatomical features. Heliconias provide shelter for a diverse range heliconuaceae insects within their young rolled leaves and water-filled floral bracts.

Calcium oxalate crystals in plants. These flowers are grown in tropical regions all over the world as ornamental plants. Maui, Kula Ace Hardware and Nursery. Phylogeny of the Scitamineae – morphological and anatomical considerations.

Heliconiaceae – Wikispecies

The leaves in different positions on the plant have failia different absorption potential of sunlight for photosynthesis when exposed to different degrees of sunlight. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. The Families and Genera of Vascular Plants.

Insects living in the bracts often feed on the bract tissue, nectar of the flower, flower parts, other insects, microorganisms, or detritus in the water contained in the bract Siefert Anatomy of the Monocotyledons.

O mesofilo de H.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. This bat roosts head up in the rolled young leaves of Heliconia plants. Annals of the Missouri Botanical Garden 77 4: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Heliconia and in H. The bract shape, associated with the distribution of the fiber bundles and with the size of the air canals were different in both studied subgenera.


Stenochlamys Musaceae – Heliconioideae. Ainda de acordo com Rundel et al. This suggests that the species compete for pollinators. How to cite this article. Views Read Edit View history. For the crustacean appendage, see Lobster claw. In addition, the stems of the Heliconia leaves are not strong enough to carry the weight of typical bat predators, so shaking of the leaf alerts roosting bats to presence of predators. The Honduran white bat Ectophylla alba also lives in tents it makes from heliconia leaves.

The Honduran white bat, Ectohylla albautilizes five species of Heliconia to make diurnal tent shaped roosts.

Several cultivars and hybrids have been selected for garden planting, including:. Journal of the Linnean Society Botany The bat cuts the side veins of the leaf extending from the midrib causing the leaf to fold like a tent. Their flowers are produced on long, erect or drooping paniclesand consist of brightly colored waxy bracts, with small true flowers peeping out from the bracts.

However, the APG system ofand its successor, the APG II system ofconfirm the Heliconiaceae as distinct and places them in the order Zingiberalesin the commelinid clade of monocots. Revista de Biologia Tropical 45 2: The flowers can be hues of reds, oranges, yellows, and greens, and are subtended by brightly colored bracts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Arawak Heliconia bihai (L.) L. Familia: Heliconiaceae Géne… | Flickr

Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. Closeup of Heliconia vellerigera inflorescence.

Heliconia e em H. The growth habit of heliconias is similar to CannaStrelitziaand bananasto which they are related.

At La Selva research station in Costa Rica it was found that specific species of Heliconia have specific hummingbird pollinators. Development of the stomatal complex as a taxonomic character in the monocotyledons. Heliconia solomonensis has green inflorescences and flowers that open at night, which is typical of bat pollinated plants. Heliconias are grown for the florist’s trade and as landscape plants.

These herbaceous plants range from 0. Heliconia wagneriana in Florida. Many bats use Heliconia leaves for shelter. An anatomical approach to the classification of the Musaceae.


Heliconia stricta Dwarf Jamaican leaf. The morphological and anatomical features of the inflorescence bracts were studied in H. Several species are widely cultivated as ornamentals, and a few are naturalized in FloridaGambia and Thailand. Revision of Heliconia subgen. Variation heliconniaceae the organization of the stomatal complex in the leaf epidermis of monocotyledons and its bearing on their phylogeny.

Lamina architecture and anatomy in the Heliconiaceae and Musaceae Zingiberales.

Insects that inhabit the rolled leaves often feed upon the inner surfaces of the leaf, such as beetles of the family Chrysomelidae.