In the PitStop Server Hot Folder Editor, select the Flattening category. Enable Resolve overprint if you want to flatten overprint objects as well, without. Flattened, with Flatten Overprints off. In this case, only the Multiply blend has been flattened. The magenta outside the cyan is now solid magenta without blend. To understand flattening, the Figure below demonstrates the difference between the Choose a preset from the Overprint and Transparency Flattener options.

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Preserve Overprint Acrobat only. Can the PDF be opened up in Illustrator or something, so that you can perhaps fix it?

Keep in mind that the boundary of the highlight area has a higher probability of producing stitching problems depending on the print-driver settings and the rasterization resolution. Highlights all objects that are involved in transparency, including transparent objects and objects that are overlapped by transparent objects. Convert All Strokes To Outlines. Flattener presets created in Acrobat have a different file format from the presets created in other Adobe applications, so you cannot share them between applications.

Using spot colors with certain blending modes sometimes produces unexpected results.

Transparency flattening (Adobe Acrobat Pro)

Convert Flaten Text To Outlines. In the Advanced Print Setup dialog box, select the Output panel on the left, and then select a preset from the Transparency Flattener Preset menu. For the Illustrator and Illustrator EPS formats, you can choose to discard transparency rather than flatten it. Ignores transparency for the spread. Ovreprint was involved in a project where we did general optimizations of PDF for output, but it is not quite present right now.


Flatten transparent artwork in Adobe InDesign

You can choose a flattener preset in the Print dialog box, or in the format-specific dialog box that appears after the initial Export dialog box. The All Rasterized Regions option also shows raster graphics such as Photoshop files involved in transparency, and raster effects such as drop shadows and feathers.

Gradient And Mesh Resolution. Select the flattening settings you want to use: The transparency issue is the shadow of the text which is in Overlay blending mode doesn’t flatten correctly. To do this, you must specify settings both when you place the EPS graphic and when you output it. Select Transparency on the left. Transparency Flattener Preset options. You can save transparency flattener presets in a separate file, making it easy to back them up or to make them available to your service providers, clients, or others in your workgroup.

Highlights all linked EPS files that are affected by transparency. You can choose a flattener preset in the Advanced panel of the Print dialog box or of the format-specific dialog box that appears after the initial Export or Save As dialog box.

Gradient And Mesh Resolution. These settings vary with each printer, so see the documentation that came with your printer for details. Transparency flattening cannot be undone after the file is saved.

Setting up Flattening

Instead, use Overprint Preview mode for those purposes. Stitching, where rasters and vectors meet. In the final output, outlined strokes and text may appear slightly different from native ones, especially very thin strokes and very small text. flatteen


Rasterizes all objects, including images, vector artwork, text, and gradients, to the specified resolution. Max Wyss 3 7.

How do I flatten overprint?

Some print drivers process raster and vector art differently, sometimes resulting in color stitching. Transparent objects are flattened according to the settings in the selected flattener preset. Use the preview options in the Flattener Preview dialog box to highlight the areas and objects that are transparent, as well as those affected by transparency flattening.

Use this information to adjust the flattener options before you apply the settings, and then save them as flattener presets. Highlights all strokes that will be outlined if involved in transparency or because Convert All Strokes To Outlines is selected.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Highlights all text that will be outlined if involved in transparency or because Convert All Text To Outlines is selected. However, in an OPI proxy workflow, placeholder or proxy images are used, for later replacement flatetn high-resolution versions by an OPI server.

Select the flattening settings you want to use: You can create your own flattener presets or choose from the default options provided with the software.