refraction of light. This biconvex lens has a diameter cm with a focal length of 10 cm. Product Code EISV. MTA Catalogue page: Description. When the voltage of the pulse is increased above V3 = 38 V, some domains are the remaining domains are switched to the focal conic state during the pulse. Constitutively activated R-Ras(38V) dramatically enhanced focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and pCas phosphorylation upon collagen stimulation or clustering.

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Data shown are representative of more than four experiments. Distinct mechanisms of alpha 5beta 1 integrin activation by Ha-Ras and R-Ras.

T Contact Us. Integrin function leads to activation of Ras, Rac, Rho, and Cdc42 6and cell adhesion is necessary for signaling through the Ras-Raf-mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway 4512 Found this product in other categories:.

The results obtained were similar when cells were stained for phosphotyrosine not shown or FAK Y Fig. There are two striking differences between focal adhesions in control cells and cells expressing activated R-Ras. Journal List Mol Cell Biol v.

Phosphorylation of Y has been functionally linked to cell migration and cell spreading 2540suggesting that this could be an important determinant in R-Ras induction of cell migration Is there any available in download format? These results demonstrate that activated R-Ras dramatically 38c focal adhesion formation and may regulate cell-cell contacts as well. Moreover, signaling to FAK and p Cas differed from integrins in dependence on Src and an intact actin cytoskeleton.


The migration assay was performed using transwells Corning Costar Corp. Collectively, these results suggest that there are Src-dependent and Src-independent pathways in R-Ras signaling to FAK, p Casfocal adhesion formation, and cell migration.

This biconvex lens has a diameter 3. R-Ras effects on integrin signaling are not due to increased ligand binding. Because integrins have short cytoplasmic tails lacking enzymatic activity, integrin signaling events occur through associations with focak proteins that initiate the activation of signaling pathways 8 R-Ras signals to FAK and p Casfocal adhesion formation, and migration fical Src-dependent and -independent pathways.

Support Center Support Center. The immunoprecipitated proteins were subjected to sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis SDS-PAGE and were 83v transferred to polyvinyl difluoride membranes Millipore. Meanwhile please don’t hesitate to contact us via email.

Therefore, R-Ras does not induce the conformational change detected by the 12G10 antibody. The activity of Src and FAK is important for integrin-stimulated phosphorylation of p Cas 238c43which creates multiple docking sites for additional downstream signaling molecules and focal adhesion components.

Found this product in other categories:.

Focal Polyglass 38 V Subwoofers

Stimulation of cells by collagen in suspension or by adhesion to collagen does not alter enhancement of FAK and p Cas phosphorylation by R-Ras 38V. Thank You tocal your request of Fundraising catalogues! Please assign your manual to a product: For the migration assays using inhibitors, cells were treated with inhibitor for 15 min prior to being transferred to the transwell, allowed to migrate for 5 h, and then fixed and stained with the HEMA 3 stain set Fisher Scientific Co.

Focal adhesion kinase promotes phospholipase C-gamma1 activity. These results indicate that R-Ras enhances FAK phosphorylation at the autophosphorylation site, Y, which may help recruit other signaling molecules. However, it is unlikely that the effects of R-Ras on cell migration are through activation of Ral, as dominant-negative Ral did not significantly inhibit cell migration.


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Percent cells with focal adhesions refers to cells with both AA and BB phenotypes. Cells were subsequently stimulated with rat tail collagen type 1 Collaborative Biosciences either in suspension 0. Meanwhile foca don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at sales hop. Enhanced focal adhesion formation in R-Ras-expressing cells could account for increased cell adhesion to collagen through enhanced integrin clustering and avidity.

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Focal Polyglass SB33V1 – subwoofer

Expression of constitutively active R-Ras 38V enhanced the size and number of focal adhesions in cells cultured on collagen-coated coverslips compared to control cells Fig. Cells were stimulated with collagen in suspension for 10 min; FAK and p Cas were immunoprecipitated IP and then immunoblotted with antiphosphotyrosine antibody, anti-FAK, or anti-p Cas as indicated.

Therefore, in the absence of changes in ligand binding, R-Ras increases signaling to FAK and p Cas in an integrin-dependent manner.