Sometimes people come on IRC and ask “How do I make a window? learn them later so here is the code to a simple window which will be explained shortly. The book to get on Win32 API. If you want to write programs using just the API . Why you should learn the API before MFC. The Controversy. Too many people.

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This will fill in our RECT structure with the value, the left and top values will always be 0, so you can usually just ignore them. This way you can just add the mask resource to your program and load it with LoadBitmap.

Standard Controls: Button, Edit, List Box, Static

Remeber that the left of the screen is an X value of zero and it increases to the right; The top forgera the screen is a Y value of zero which increases towards the bottom. This will cause the window to be destroyed by default, but I like to handle it explicitly, since this is the perfect spot to do cleanup checks, or ask the user to save files etc.

Just make sure wib32 got your break; after each one. Getting Started Another thing to remember is that a question you might have about subject A might end up being answered in a discussion of B or C, or maybe L.

Most of the attributes you set in the window class can be changed on a per-window basis if desired.

This is why we’ve allocated an extra byte and after we read in the file we add the NULL ourselves so that we can then pass the memory buffer as a string to SetWindowText. This brings us to the second way of identifying resources, and that’s win322 strings. GetObject works for various GDI object types which it can distinguish based on the value of the second parameter, the size of the structure.


If I lost you talking about null terminators, please refer to a basic C book or tutorial which discusses strings. The FONT line specifies the size and name of the font you wish to use for this dialog box.

So if you’ve added in win23 code, compile it now.

Double Buffering When doing your drawing directly to the HDC of the window, it’s entirely possible that the screen will get updated before you’re done CreateWindow will fail at some point even if you’re an experianced coder, simply because there are lots of mistakes that are easy to make. Dialog does not display when certain controls are added Controls such as the ListView, TreeView, Hotkey, Progress Bar, and others are classified as Common Controls, as they were added to windows in comctl We’re going to add the capability to show the user what the name of our program is when they click on our window.

If it only supports one or the other, you will need to make the necessary replacements to get it to work. Your window procedure is not magically called by the system, in effect you call it yourself indirectly by calling DispatchMessage.

Windows API tutorial

This way, you can register a class once, and create as many windows as you want from it, without forges to specify all those attributes over and over. I win322 also added some solutions to common errors in Appendix A. The book to get on Win32 API. Don’t worry if that doesn’t make much sense to you yet, the various parts that count will be explained more later. So if you’ve added in that code, compile it now. When you draw something on the screen it is NOT permanent, it’s only there untill something else draws over it, and at that point you need to draw it again when the time comes.


Setting the Timer The easiest way to add a simple timer into a window program is with SetTimerit’s not the best, and it’s not recommended for real multimedia or full games, however it’s good enough for simple animations like this.

That’s the hope anyway, so pay attention: API is a generic term meaning Application Programming Interface, however in the context of Windows programming, it means specifically the Windows API, which is the lowest level of interaction between applications and the windows operating system. Since this is the only window in our program, we are all done and we want the program to exit, so we call PostQuitMessage.

To select a file for saving instead of opening, the code is nearly the same, except for calling GetSaveFileName we need only change the flags member to options more suitable for saving. It allocates some memory, initializes it’s contents to 0 and returns a pointer to that memory.

Note that this only works with a mask bitmap that is monochrome black and white Most of the content should be the same, wi3n2 they are missing recent updates and bug fixes. Choosing Colours In order fforgers allow the user to change just the colour of the font, or to let them pick a new colour for anything at all, there is the ChooseColor common dialog.

This is just as simple as setting the data was originally, we just send another message.