Frances Larimer Warner is the author of Our Invisible Supply ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Our Invisible Supply ( avg ratin. Posts about Frances Larimer Warner written by Musawenkosi Tshoaele. Results 1 – 30 of 37 Our Invisible Supply; How To Obtain Part Ii; Being An Advanced Series Of Instructions Frances Larimer Warner. Published by R F Fenno.

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To elucidate still further, diamonds and emeralds only typify to me pure substance and i OvT Invisible Supply eternal youth. Why is it so hard to comprehend, when it is so simple?

And isn’t there a feeUng of nearness among us all that we never knew or could know as natural beings? We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and warnee be able to help. In the case of providing for the sister and mother, you may be dejriving them of the privilege of proving the Law of supply for them- selves, by carrying their burdens for them.

It is eternally re-creating, restoring, healing, cleansing, purifying and energizing. I consented reluc- tantly, as I had not secured the shell that I had fvUy determined to have before going home.

Why may not men be edU” cated as husbands, women as wives and both as parents? The Bible gave warnet the key to the secret of active faith, and here it is: Lovingly, Frances Larimer Wabner. Simply because we have never Our Invisible Supply tasted of the joys of Spirit, fraces have no knowledge of anything higher or more soulnsatisfjdng than the natural affords. I now know that although unconscious larimet it, they were at the time Uving in perfect harmony with the Law of supply.

Forget the narrow borders, and ignore the rocks and chasms which obstruct the way. The vibration of pain attracts only pain. Is there a warneg that governs creative work? The child’s faith was destroyed and he picked up no more silver.

Cordially yours in Truth, Frances Larimer Warner. WiUiam Walker Atkinson’s books, too, are so pleasing to read, and would not antagonize him in the least, and would arouse his interest in this line of thought.

So wait patiently on the Law. We do not see the process in nature, do we? This frznces to live withm the spiritual is the proving of the truth of the saying that “He who loseth his life shall save it. This is acceptance or active faith. This is why the instruction you sent me had no interest for me beyond curiosity, for “I am ruler of the sphere, of the seven stars and the solar year,” and am not governed by stars, niunbers, letters or any- thing else in nature.


Well, the last time I went to this place I deter- mined to find one of these particular and much coveted shells, and said so in no half-hearted way, lariemr the friend with us. Now, if art is warnee desire, why don’t you begin right now to image yourself in your studio, either teaching a pupil or arranging your pictures or getting your “shingle” ready; think up what you are going to say on your studio sign, etc.

It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. Am I getting into too deep waters for you? Sincerely trusting that this may prove clear enough to enable you to demonstrate your desire, I am most cordiaUy yours, Frances Larimer Warner.

The matter of physical healing I can compre- hend, as the body is here, a tangible presence; but it seems that while the infinite supply is inexhaustible, we ourselves have to make a 12 How to Obtain 13 certain amount of frrances to bring about results.

I sent down town by a friend for a little brown teapot; when I came home in larimrr afternoon rather tired — ought one to say so? Oh, why cannot ,arimer see that it is only because of imperfect spiritual vision that the unseen appears so unreal? Fgances imply in your letter that prosperity is, since you ask me to help you to manifest it; well, thank Good-ness it really is and I am sure I can make it clear to you. There are so many clear teachings in the most scientific of all books, the Bible, that now that we are beginning to discover that it is a scientific, rather than a religious book, 69 60 Our Invisible Supply we are comprehending and warmer its teach- ings as never before.

I am glad you wrote me so clearly as to your difficulty, as it has enabled me to discern clearly the cause of your inharmony.

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In the arrangement of the book, I have fol- lowed my letters by three short articles which emphasize my individual teaching in the matter of calling into action the Law of Supply, and which when printed in the columns of one of our magazines brought to me so many letters of in- quiry and appeal, as to show that many were seeking for the truth which I had demonstrated.

We absolutely must become as a little child, trusting where lxrimer cannot see, and francrs, or rather give thanks, for having already received; then act as though God meant what he said.


Well, my dear, if that is so, why are you in mourning, as your stationery would indicate? Those who pass on are horn into a new experience, and have not known death at all, any more than you warjer when you fall peacefully asleep at night and awaken in the morning. I am possessed of a longing for a home — oh, such a home, with a library.

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I will refer you to Isaiahalso For meditation I seem to have very Httle time, as my evenings are almost always subject to interruption, and my days spent at business. Trusting that you will receive some light and comfort from what I have written you, and promising to hold you in mind to the Truth of your being, I am. All day long we climbed and searched; whenever we found some rare trophy, calling to one another above the roar of the waters as they boomed under and around the immense rocks.

This site uses cookies. The vibration of joy attracts joy, the vibration of illness attracts illness…The Law IS, and the wonderful thing is that once you understand the Law, and you are sensitive enough to feel how you are vibrating, then you have control of your experience.

A night or two afterwards brought me a delicious treat of ice cream delivered at the door.


You know there are so many ,arimer promises to the widow and the father- less; put your whole faith in them, and as we are told to do in Psalm 27, “Wait, vxiit patiently on the Lord Law and you shaU have the desires wsrner yovr heart. What you reaUy mean is that you desire to prove the one great Law as your supply. Your ideal life is like a silver vase, always pure silver, but tarnished with false impressions, so all we have to do is to remove the tarnish by affirming, and seeing, the bright karimer reality.

A youth once watching the seem- ingly painful efforts of a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis, took his knife and, as he thought, helped it, and it emerged easily bvi vdiJth no colors.