Frekventni regulatori. ABB, 7,5kW. Mitsubishi, 2,2Kw. Emerson. DANFUS, vlt 37kW. ABB, 7,5kW. SIEMENS, 2,2kW. VACON, 75kW. VACON, 30kW. Frekventni regulatori od kW do kW, Soft starteri do 90kW Informacije na tel. + 63 Elektromotori, reduktori, vibromotori, frekventni regulatori. likes. Prodaja elektormotora, reduktora, vibromotora, varijatora, frekventnih.

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These systems enable fully electronic, wear-free starting and are equipped with a reversing function. NORD frequency inverters also offer integrated frekventnii rectifiers for motor brake control. We looking forward that day and welcome you to join us for win-win situation! Limit running current automatically to avoid frequent over-current which will cause trip.

VTdrive also cooperate with many companies in the top of industry. They work together for one dream that developing the China’s best VFD. In both cases, the drive electronics is characterised by its scalable functionality, ease of installation, and high precision regulation. NORD’s innovative drive technology range can be configured to match almost all applications.

Main control DSP read and write wrongly. General motor run at low speed with big load. EDS — 2S C.

Mistake take place when read or write control parameter. To set motor overload protection factor correctly. Key pad specified, control terminal specified, serial port specified.


Podaci o korisniku VTdrive. They came to rehulatori ask for partnership.

Frekventni regulatori serije EDS

At that time, the China VFD market was under foreign brands control. Thanks for the tough days the frekventn two years we built very good software and hardware platform. We are not only manufacturing general purpose ac drives but also have capability customizing for special purpose. Check input power supply or look for service.

Overvoltage during constant speed process.

POČETNA STRANAr – Danfoss Drives

The system is controlled by a controller Siemens S7 series. Indoor, not bare to sunlight, no dust, no corrosive gas, no flammable gas, no oil fog, no vapor, no water drop or salt etc. It be widely used in Stone processing industry, Wood processing industry, Oilfield industry, Paper industry, Printing industry, Textile industry, Ceramic industry, Mine industry, Injection Molding Machine, Centrifugal machine, Explosion-proof, Port crane, Machine tool, Water supply, Electric vehicle drive, Hybrid electro-hydraulic, Cargo elevator, Air compressor etc.

Can keep constant output volt.

NORD frequency inverters and motor starters are ideal both for centralised operation in a control cabinet as well as for decentralised, fully integrated use directly on the motor. We believe China drives will playing a more and more important role in global market.

Decide for yourself, what is the best for your application. Digital provision, analog provision, impulse provision, serial port provision, combined provision, can be switched at any time by kinds of method. Too small power of the inverter. Reduced motor current means less electricity bills, while reduced rotational speed means longer life of bearings, gears and other equipment on the engine. Look at the list of available models for braking resistors. EDS — 4T0 11 0 G.

  AEMC 3731 PDF

Thanks to its scalable functions, NORD’s modular system can be perfectly matched for every drive task. More information NORD motor starters: Use sudden stop key Regklatori under condition of stall.

Frekventni regulatori i motori

Our drive solutions are designed for operation with asynchronous and synchronous motors. If you have ventilator, pump, compressor, conveyor belts, or any othet system that doesn’t require constant speed then frequency converter is chance to save energy and machine elements. This enables remote status monitoring. Most of world well-known ac drives companies established factory in China.

Our automation solution for small hydropower plant. Scalable functions for every drive application. Have potential energy load or big inertia load.

Power plant can be operated in three ways: As a drives applications expert NORD cooperates with customers all over the world to provide solutions that are perfectly matched to their requirements. Home Services Frequency converters.