Fusha magnetike e tokës. No description Transcript of Fusha magnetike e tokës. Fusha magnetike e tokës. Full transcript. FUSHA MAGNETIKE E RRYMES ELEKTRIKE. No description. by. Ramadan Rrustemi. on 13 May Comments (0). Please log in to add your comment. Rriti bimë, e rriti pemë, Bëri fushën mjegulluar, Renë e ngrysur e rrufenë; Bëri fusha magnetike, Ku planetet vijn’ e venë, Bëri fijet e prej qielli, Shadows Speak.

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On the importance of the Van Allen Belt, Dr.

Fusha magnetike |

The atmosphere also protects the earth from the freezing cold of the space, which is approximately oC. The important thing is that this protection was made known in the Qur’an in the verse “We made the sky a preserved and protected roof” fourteen centuries ago. Magnetikke destroying many meteors-big and small-as they approach the Earth, it prevents them from falling to Earth and harming living things.

The atmosphere surrounding the Earth serves crucial functions for the continuity of life. If this shield were not present, life would not be possible on the Earth.

All these scientific findings prove that the world is protected in a very particular way.

fuzha It surrounds our world and protects it against external threats. In addition, the atmosphere filters the light rays coming from space that are harmful to living things. This radiation, which is constantly emitted by the Sun and other magnftike, is deadly to living things.

Fifty-eight hours after the burst, it was observed that the magnetic needles of compasses displayed unusual movement and kilometres above the Earth’s atmosphere, the temperature suddenly increased to 2,oC.


Fusha magnetike e Hënës

Even Venus, our sister planet, has no magnetic field. In fact, the Earth has the highest density of any of the planets in our Solar System. The majority of the intense ultraviolet rays emitted from the Sun are filtered out by the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Centuries ago, Allah informed us in the Qur’an of the world’s atmosphere functioning as a protective shield. These belts at thousands of kilometres above the Earth protect the living things on the Earth from the fatal energy that would otherwise reach it from space.

Join or Log Into Facebook. We made the sky a preserved and protected roof yet still they turn away from Our Signs. If the atmosphere did not exist, millions of meteoroids would fall to the Earth and the Earth would become an inhabitable place. In the above picture, this magnetosphere layer, which is also named Van Allen Belts, is seen. The protective function of the atmosphere does not end here. If the Van Allen belt did not exist, the massive outbursts of energy called solar flares that frequently occur in the Sun would destroy all life on Earth.

Yet, the protective aspect of the atmosphere allows living things to survive in safety. This large nickel-iron core is responsible for our large magnetic field.

Fusha magnetike

The above photo belongs to a giant crater caused by a meteor that fell in Arizona, in the USA. This is certainly Allah’s protection of people and a miracle proclaimed in the Qur’an. Near ultraviolet rays, which are fuusha partially let in by the atmosphere, are very important for the photosynthesis of plants and for the survival of all living beings.


The only other rocky planet to have any magnetic field is Mercury-but its field strength is times less than the Earth’s. This magnetic field produces the Van-Allen radiation shield, which protects the Earth from radiation bombardment.

Only a limited and essential part of the ultraviolet spectrum reaches the Earth. The most striking feature of the atmosphere is that it lets only harmless and useful rays-visible light, near ultraviolet light and radio waves pass magnetuke. The magnetosphere layer, formed by the magnetic field of the Earth, serves as a shield protecting the Earth from celestial bodies, harmful cosmic rays and particles.

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In short, a perfect system is at work high above the Earth. November 2, at 5: Most people looking at the sky do not think about the protective aspect of the atmosphere.

In addition to the atmosphere, the Van Allen Belt-the layer caused by the magnetic field of the Earth-also serves as a shield against the harmful radiation that threatens our planet.

It is not only the atmosphere that protects the Earth from harmful effects.

The Van-Allen radiation shield gusha a design unique to the Earth. All of this radiation is vital for life. They almost never think what kind of a place the world would be like if this structure did not exist. Sections of this page.