Demons is a novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky, first published in the journal The Russian Messenger in –2. It is considered one of the four masterworks written. El horrible crimen perpetrado en Moscu a finales de siguiendo rdenes del nihilista Nechyev seguidor de Bakunin fue la fuente de inspiracin que sirvi a. Los Demonios/the Demons by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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It is a known phenomena that people often feel like they have to be a part of something, an idea of sorts, what those ideas are, is of no importance, people want fyosor, and if they can be part of a group that possesses immense power, then the ideas which they fight for are of little to lls importance.

Stavrogin and Liza have spent the night together and they wake to the dying glow of the fire.

To begin with, the level of education, science, and talents is lowered. View all 9 comments.

Present are a wide variety of idealists, disaffected types and pseudo-intellectuals, most notably the philosopher Shigalyev who attempts to expound his theory on the historically necessary totalitarian social organization of the future. As he is talking, Nikolai Stavrogin quietly enters.

What if I told my child that it is acceptable to brutally assault somebody as long as I see that he suffers afterwards – that the crime is actually laudable because it gives doetoevsky a welcome opportunity to watch my child suffer duly? Sobre o livro em si.

Demons by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Every one belongs to all and all to every one. Pyotr Stepanovich is not suspected, and news spreads dostoevsiy Stavrogin has left on the train for Petersburg. In some ways, it exceeds all of them, particularly through voice and narrative instability. Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky Russian: To his horror, Varvara Petrovna suddenly turns up at the cottage. IT IS that good. There is still Siberia for those who go over the line a little. Hardly anyone is dancing, most are standing around waiting for something to happen and casting curious glances at the Von Lembkes.


Quite a way to look at modern economies – whether capitalist or socialist given income inequialities in all of them.

View all 49 comments. They then discuss philosophical issues arising out of Kirillov’s firm intention to commit suicide in the near future. Ya se lo he dicho: Several matters are touched, such as that of suicide which Camus, a century later, took even further. Strange events begin in this quiet town, a big rise in transgressionsand newspapers urging revolution, are being found.

They are a group of radical socialists, trying to impose another kind of absolute truth on a confused and explosive nation, foreshadowing the Russian Revolution and its inhumane aspects perfectly. View all 4 demoios.


There is still Siberia for those who go over the line a little. Stavrogin has entered the room, and he is accosted by Liza. To my own surprise he half turns out to be a comic figure.

Devils is harrowing, darkly funny, brilliantly told. Lembke is a good man and wants to help the Russians in his province. And he likens this to the nature of God, or, if your prefer to be more contemporary, Grand Narrative Meaning of your choice insert this wherever you see God too, if you like.

Thinking this will be his final interaction with the society, Doztoevsky agrees to come. Though dismayed, Stepan Trofimovich accedes to her proposal, which happens to resolve a delicate financial issue for him. The PossessedThe Devilsand Demons. MY right to be seen as a hero in pain for the sake of penitence!


Meriterebbe di essere letto solo per queste pagine. Many of the other characters are deeply affected by one or other of the two aspects of Stavrogin’s psyche. Thus Pyotr Stepanovich, an intelligent and ambitious young man, devoid of moral values but a skilled speaker, endowed with a great charisma and power of conviction, uses this capacity and creates a mythical and prophetic atmosphere around him to lead a constituted group of individuals, who act submissively to their excesses.

Plato, Rousseau, Fourier, aluminum columns—this is fit perhaps for My favorite extended quote from Demons: Even the most extreme and unlikely characters, such as Kirillov and Shigalev, were grounded in real people or ideas of the time. There is quite a body count: Stavrogin staggers, recovers himself, and seizes Shatov; but he immediately takes his hands away, and stands motionless, calmly returning Shatov’s gaze.

Dostoevsky, through the character of his narrator, Mr G—v, is exploring a world in change: Dostoevsky A Writer in his Time.

Los Demonios/the Demons

Almost all of the principal characters, or at least their individual guiding ideas, had actually existing contemporary prototypes. The charismatic and demonic characters can be regarded as spokesmen for different ideologies that are gripping on the Russian deemonios.

But things go wrong from the beginning. Extraigo un par de ellos: Mar 06, Darwin8u rated it it was amazing Shelves: