Tube FZH or Röhre FZH ID, IC – Integrated Circuit, SPECIAL TUBEBASE in general and Universal shown. Radio tubes are valves. Part Number: FZHA Function: DIP 16P Maker: Siemens AG Pinouts: FZHA datasheet. Description: Datasheet PDF Download. FZH Datasheet, FZH PDF, FZH Data sheet, FZH manual, FZH pdf, FZH, datenblatt, Electronics FZH, alldatasheet, free, datasheet.

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Figure 3 shows the dimensions of datashert operational amplifier and the current source as well as the test circuit used for the drift tests carried out. The application The described Integrated Circuits can be used in all cases where a channel selection 1-outof-n shall be carried out.

Automatic mono-stereo switching and manual stereo-mono switching forced mono.

FZH Datasheet PDF –

Selection TCA is selected in 2 groups as concerns the output voltage V 7: If adequate heat sinking is provided, they can deliver over 1 A output current.

Its wide supply voltage range allows manifold use.

In addition they provide the very significant inherent integrated circuit advantages of close electrical and thermal matching. It is particularly suitable for control systems as follow-up and adjusting control device with dead space. V, is chosen so that a constant V 15 is obtained 50 mV PB. Ras Bitwoded Makonen Building P. If a phototransistor is used, the diode current is additionally controlled by ambient light.

Additional terminals are provided for triggering or resetting if desired. They are outstanding by reason of their large common-mode and differential voltage range and short-circuit protection. Moreover, the IC comprises a reference voltage from which all thresholds can be derived.


With increasing voltage difference, the passage becomes more abrupt.

Datasheet archive on 9-9-2013

By selecting a stage, a pre-set tuning voltage is switched and a driver stage op- erated which are controlling the band selection and the channel indication. Figure 2 shows the possibility of rendering this resistance adjustable by means of a phototransistor BP in order to adapt the light intensity to changing ambient brightness.

Function As you see in the circuit diagram the TCA comprises two control loops independent of each other which are working on the prestage and the IF stages.

They should be datqsheet. At a channel change, the capacitor which operates as a load on pin 11 is reversely charged with a current of approx.

The pins should be clipped before soldering. Fah111 bridge circuit of the mixer suppresses very well the RF frequencies. Each stage can be selected with very low current. Analogue circuit; temperature range: The input voltages at pins 3, 16, and 17 are freely selectable in the range of and 6 V. By adding any ratasheet of SASthe number of channels can datqsheet extended by 4 channels each one.

The value recognition disappears with the transition from D 15 to D The diodes D 16 or D 17 light permanently, when the reciprocal absolute ratings are exceeded. The TDA offers provisions for the feeding of an amplitude indicator, either positive or negative going mono-stereo voltage, AFT output push-pull-current output with automatic switch-off, squelch adjustable for more than 40 dB range of input signal and depending on detuning.


At high values of generator resistance I lo can cause diffi- culties Fig. SAS S only: In addition to a high gain, low offset voltage, small temperature- and supply voltage dependence, the amplifier features: The selection can be carried out by merely touching the sensor plates. In order to render the lighting of the diodes dependent on the ambient brightness, it is also possible to connect a phototransistor parallel to the resistor R 7.

The xatasheet of the peaks on the S-curve can be adjusted with the Q B of the phase-shifting cir- cuit. Plastic plug-in package Plastic packages are soldered on the side of the printed circuit board opposite to the case, the pins are vertically bent and fit into holes at an equal distance of 7.

The AF outputs are referred to ground and stabilized against hum of the supply voltage. Between pins 10 and 14 ground and between pins 12 and 14, a resistance of at least Q may be connected to increase the currents and therefore the conversion transconductance.

A stabilized voltage approx. Input impedance Operation at The number of channel memories per package resulted from the neces- sary functional extent and the number of pins at disposal.

L Abu Nawas Street P. The internal voltage stabilization offers the following advantages: It may be used, for example, in video distribution networks.