Coming from Persia (now Iran), Mahmud Gawan brought with him fabrics, Ethiopian slaves, jewels and most importantly, Arabian horses. Imaduddin Mahmud Gawan (mehmUd gavAn) (ಮೆಹ್ಮೂದ್ ಗವಾನ್) belongs to that rare breed of administrators who rendered great service to the. Mahmud Gawan Madrasa is an old Islamic school (Madrasa), located in Bidar, Karnataka state of India. The school was built by Khwaza.

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As interaction between Persia and the Deccani kingdoms increased, it went beyond exchange of material and money. Most of the rooms and three minarets were destroyed. Popular Tags rahul-gandhi donald-trump featured narendra-modi china arvind-kejriwal bollywood rbi featuredet delhi demonetisation supreme-court india us corruption aap pakistan arun-jaitley modi economy congress gst gdp bjp cricket.

Today goats graze among the majestic ruins and the windows with exquisite jail-work look out like haunted eyes. Views Read Edit View history.

Traces of exquisite colorful tiles are still visible on the walls of the building. Due to his perseverance, honesty, simplicity and learning he earned the goodwill of the Bahamani rulers and held important posts under three successive kings. The Madrasa religious seminary has been a striking building though long in a ruinous condition. He divided the existing four parts of the kingdom to eight segments.

It is also recorded in history that the structure suffered significant damage following a lightning struck in Almost at the centre of Bidar’s Old Town stand the graceful buildings, which bear testimony to the genius and eclecticism of Mohammad Gawan. He was a trader and businessman by profession. The main entrance has vanished, but its floor has been exposed during excavations.


Monument of National Importance. However, there was a blot on the character of this saintly person. A storehouse of wisdom, Mahmud enjoyed the trust and confidence of rulers, locals as well as that of foreign kingdoms, who had great respect for Mahmud. This religious seminary which also taught science and maths was run by a carefully chosen faculty which comprised Islamic scholars, scientistsphilosophers and Arabic experts. Large number of people fled to Gujarat and Malwa.

A Deccan story: Mahmud Gawan

Retrieved 16 March In the end ofit was invested by Aurangzeb himself. Mahmud III A.

On account of his contribution to the Bahamni in making rapid progress in different fields, Ferishta described Gawan as a fruit of the royal garden and wrote an eulogy of him in about 40 lines.

Rooms near the southeast minaret were used for gun-powder storage. It was an Islamic college having lecture halls, library, mosque and ample accommodation for both students and professors, built in the same architectural style as that of Persian university buildings.

Scholars were invited to settle at Bidar and the place gradually became a center of learning. Greatly impressed with his military genius, Sultan Humayun Shah had taken him in his service. In the period between the 14 th and 16 th centuries, Dabhol was the most important port of the south Konkan. The lower has three storey, the first and second having balconies which project from the main body of the tower in a curvilinear form but have no brackets to support them. For 2 years the rains failed and when they came in the third year, scarcely any farmers remained in the country to cultivate the lands.


Media in category “Mahmud Gawan Madrasa” The following 32 files are in this category, out of 32 total. An unassuming hero on the threshold of greatness The Modi economy and jobs: Although Gawan admitted that the seal was his, he pleaded complete innocence about the contents.

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The founder had established a library of volumes in this university before his death; what became of it is not known. Talent such as that of Mahmud Gawan. A couple of long poems written by him in Persian have survived.

Gawan himself had a personal library of more than a thousand books. Gawan also drew mhamud authority from a successful military campaign he led between andreigning in local chiefs who were harassing trading caravans coming from the sea-routes through treacherous hilly routes.

This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain:. It contained six separate suites meant exclusively for the faculty members.

He captured Goa in