Free Essay: There are many meanings inside stories; “Gregory” by Panos Ioannides is a heart-wrenching short story that follows the protagonist. Even a brief reading of Panos Ioannides’ collection, Gregory and Other Stories should set us straight on the true nature of Cyprus, however. His Cyprus is a. Panos Ioannides wrote a story about loyalty, friendship and irony, which he called, simply, “Gregory.” The story takes place in Cypriot prisoner of war camp.

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We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. An English prisoner named Gregory develops Panoa syndrome, where the captor and captured form a positive bond.

The irony of it is that no one ever checked up on the orders to have Gregory killed. The situational irony of it is that that cost him his life.


Ironicaly that decision cost him his life instead of saving it like he thought.

The second opportunity is after they got the execution order. In this part of the story the narrators loyalty to his country is being tested as well as his friendship with Gregory. Before he shoots Gregory the narrator gregogy a statement that summarises the irony in the story.

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Gregory By, Panos Ioannides by osas agho on Prezi

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