PowerHA for AIX is the new name for HACMP (High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing). HACMP is an application HACMP Basics. History IBM’s HACMP exists for almost 15 years. It’s not actually an IBM product, they ou!ht it from C”AM, #hich #as later renamed to. A$ailant. HACMP basics. HACMP Cluster can be managed by 1) Smit 2) WebSMIT. Config tasks. Configure Cluster Topology; Then HACMP Resources.

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Application resilience is provided through IP address takeover and restarting the application on the first backup system.

Introduction to PowerHA

Not only does it provide for load balancing, it also delivers high availability through redundancy of applications and data. Web farm — is a cluster of Web servers that provide load balancing support for one or more Web sites.

What is your company size?

And, just as every cluster resource should have a backup, the root volume group in basifs node should be hamp, or be on a RAID device. Formalized service levels within corporations and between businesses are becoming standard practice. Your display name accompanies the content you post on developerworks.

The same thing is true of the built-in Ethernet adapters in most System p servers and currently available blades: Stay up to date on the latest developments in Internet terminology with a free newsletter from Webopedia.

If the application is packaged in LPP format, it is usually installed on the local file systems in rootvg. There is one primary system for all cluster resources and a second system that is a backup, ready to take over during an outage of the primary system. Technical library Products A to Z. All information submitted is secure. If you are planning on using two-node clustering, an ultra-conservative design would include a minimum of three systems as shown here. It is also true that functions that have traditionally been directly connected to individual servers, such as network connections and storage, are becoming centrally deployed so as to deliver more efficient utilization, easier scalability and greater flexibility.


Most applications require that the IP address be highly available. Today, however, individual servers from almost any vendor are generally quite scalable in their own right, so scalability has now become merely an “oh, by the way Also, even though in the past it was adequate for resource management to be command-driven, now it must be on-demand and fully automated.

A cluster as it pertains to computers refers to a group of servers and other resources that are connected through hardware, networks and software to behave as if they were a single system. Determining, in advance, what data to replicate is important because it will determine your storage decision. In both these scenarios, replication is key.

The next step is to configure a resource group. There are many reasons this is an attractive thing to do, even for smaller enterprises. This is a situation which must be avoided at all costs. Posted by Santosh Gupta at Failure to exit the stop script with a zero return code as this will stop cluster processing.

See Figure 2 below. Similarly, add another node to the cluster.

Install the following filesets:. Clustering elegantly solves the problem of integrating these three types of servers along with centralized network and storage resources. This would include application availability, batch versus backup contention, decision support systems, use of assets for something other than just disaster recovery and point-in-time reconstruction.


Please choose a display name between characters. Multiple applications running on the same nodes with shared or concurrent access to the data. Determining what data you need to replicate is similar to deciding what kind of data you need to backup and save when preparing a backup and recovery strategy. And yet when viewed collectively, these disparate servers need to move and respond “as one” through the various demands of any given day.

For example, if you are running a business on the Web, your critical data may include: There should be a warning about an insufficient number of communication ports on particular networks.

Introduction to PowerHA

These solutions leverage IBM’s strong clustering technology heritage to deliver the essential attributes inherent in clustered computing such as quality of service QoScapacity on demand CoDhigh availability, security, workload Smart, manageability, as well as vertical and horizontal scalability.

Your display name accompanies the content you post on developerWorks. Usually referenced in tandem with the need to handle peak demand, CoD actually delivers a new form of horizontal scalability.

Replication means that a copy baxics something is produced in real time — for instance, copying objects from one node in a cluster to one or more other nodes in the cluster. IBM’s key strength and differentiator in the area of clustering lies in its clustering software which enables organizations to build, manage and expand clusters efficiently.