Sundara Kanda – Hanuman’s Odysey a newer English translation from the original Sanskrit sources. Chapter 1: Hanuma’s Flight over Ocean Translation with Verses ยท In Prose without Verses. Chapter 2: The city of Lanka Translation with Verses. Sundarakanda English All Chapters. Shylaja Venk; 72 videos SundarakAnda Chapter 1 Hanuman Crossing the Ocean. by SundarakAndam.

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The religious faith suggests that its recital brings harmony to the household.

Becoming angry Ravana awarded the capital punishment to Hanuman. He sang Sundarakanda in the form of Telugu songs.

Timeline Chronology of Hindu texts. However the Lanka Devatha stopped him and challenged him. Hanuma leaps from the coast of Lanka and touches Mount Mainaka.

Rama urges Hanuma, to repeat the words spoken by Seetha. Sundara Kanda is the only chapter of the Ramayana in which the hero is not Ramabut rather Hanuman.

L ater Ravana orders to set fire to his tail.

The work depicts the adventures of Hanuman and his selflessness, strength, and devotion to Rama are emphasized in the text. However Hanuman killed all of them. He gives a bold lecture to Ravana to release Sita. Please read this Kanda here. She refused and told him that the sundarakanad way for him to continue to live was to give her back to Rama. It happens to be for nullification of the malefic effects of the crow mounted, the son of Surya and Chhaya ShadowLord Shani.


Hanuma narrates the story of Rama. The Sri Ramacharitamanas was written much later than Valmiki’s Ramayana, in the 16th century.

Dadhimukha departs to Kishkindha. He offers to carry Sita back to Rama, however she refuses, reluctant to allow herself to be rescued by any one, other than her husband. Hanuman escaped from the clutches of the Rakshasas by his sheer prowess, and using the fire in his tail, set fire to the city of Lanka. Hanuman took leave of Sita and while returning made up his mind to see Ravana as well as the city of Lanka.

Hanuman hiding in the tree related the story of Rama up to that point and hearing this Sita became enthused. Hanuman again increased the size of his body and killed Simhika. Hanuma continues search for Seetha. Hanuman is described to be one for whom nothing is impossible and who is the embodiment of faith, devotion, fearlessness, self-confidence, and loyalty.

Hanuma narrates an incident connected with a crow. Though it mentions his achievements during Ramayana, it goes beyond that as well, encompassing the complete life of Hanuman. Seetha asks Hanuma to describe the characteristics. The Rakshasis were scared because of this.


Tilakone of Sundara Kanda ‘s great commentators, explains that this section is entitled as “Beautiful section” because. He is condemned and his tail is set on fire, but he escapes his bonds and, leaping from roof to roof, sets fire to Ravana’s citadel and makes the giant leap back from the island.


Hanuman at the suggestion and encouragement given by Jambhavan decided to cross the ocean and reach Sri Lanka. However, Sita, dejected by her situation, decided to commit suicide by hanging by her own hair. The joyous search party returns banuman Kishkindha with the news.

Hanuma reveals himself to be a messenger of Rama. She also told him the story of the crow that attacked her and how Rama put a Tilak on her forehead with a red stone.

Sundara Kanda Hanuman’s Odysey download the free pdf

He promised his friends that he would search and find Sita in Sri Lanka. The prose can be read here. Seetha antecedents to Hanuma. Vibhishana recognizes Hanuman as a devoted Ram Bhakt Devotee.

He reassures her, giving Rama’s signet ring as a sign of good faith. Ravana sends his son Aksha. Dadhimukha reports the destruction of Madhuvana to Sugreeva. Hanuman then wreaks havoc in Lanka by destroying trees and buildings, and killing Ravana’s warriors.