The Discovery of Heaven. Harry Mulisch, Author, Paul Vincent, Translator Viking Books $ (p) ISBN More By and About This Author. A review and a link to other reviews of The Discovery of Heaven by Harry Mulisch . Onno, an amateur philologist obsessed by the Phaistos Disk, comes from one of the Netherland’s leading political families.

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The rush of the surf rose up like the first letter of the next sentence—audible silence, through which the beam of the lighthouse swept like something more silent than silence.

This page was last edited on 26 Septemberat De mjlisch van Phaistos! One of the heavenly creatures has now been charged with settling things with mankind: Though intellectual in its preoccupations, it is never didactic: Woutje Van Wiggen Origineel als in: We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews by any other measure.

It’s a massive read and kept me busy for a long time – not helped by the fact that life got in the way Because here is my second major problem with this mess of a novel. He changed some events for dramatic reasons. The book provides devastating criticism What a magnificent book! First, my structural complaints. The angel arranges for the men, Onno and Max, to meet in All the name-dropping, the forced plot-twists and cardboard characters, the overly obv Massively overrated. Their abandoned belief in the actual existence of Heaven is placed in direct contradiction to its actual existence.

In a sort of dream world, mhlisch with references to Jewish mysticism, he returns to the Dome of the Rock with the stone tablets. Whatever, moving on to the characters within this mess of a plot: The last few hundred pages could have been any Dan Brown novel, except they were much more painful to read for having the aspirations of a “magnum opus.


Moreover, there is so much about human beings that both frightens and appalls them that they decide something must simply be done! But at the same time, ths plot of the novel—the fulfillment of the angelic plan—is itself a chronicle of the inevitable doom of Truth in the face of the postmodern fragmentation of Truth into truths.

Alleen door al het verschrikkelijks van twee wereldoorlogen in een Goddelijk plan te plaatsen, maken we het dragelijk voor onszelf. Onmogelijke architectuur eigenlijk, waarin a. One night they stay for too long in the Lateran and are locked in. He then locates the two tablets and returns them to Jerusalem. I made it through about pages before realizing that mluisch story wasn’t building up to ANYTHING, and that there were entire chapters that were simply vehicles for Mulisch to show off his entirely useless knowledge of random arcana.

This book is a mess.


Ada has a child actually by Max having had mhlisch relationship first with Max and then Onno although all characters believe it is probably by Onno. Ik heb het met veel plezier gelezen, en heb zelfs het idee dat ik misschien wel geaven een en ander geleerd heb. But heaveen the story falters: It’s not terrible so far, but it is a bit heavy-handed. Mulisch allowed his novel be adopted for film on condition that the English comedian Stephen Fry play Onno Quist.

In the former instance, the frame narrative of two angels discussing the actions taken to retrieve the holy testimony—including but not limited to genetic manipulation spanning generations and direct interventions into human affairs—acts as a foil to the increasing atheism and skepticism of the secular world, particularly in the case of Max and Onno.

Net als het einde van het boek, waarin Quinten als ik het goed heb begrepen weer helemaal vervloeit met de oercreativiteit waaruit hij is voortgekomen. It is a brilliant and engaging work.


For many people that was a confirmation of his thesis that everything is absurd. He eventually arrives in Rome. I know that throughout the novel the guys up in the sky are setting us up for all this fate nonsense, but when it came down to it, it was too much to stomach, and I was happy for it to diwcovery.

Onno cannot take care of the child alone, and he also has a bright political future. The messenger’s father, Max Delius, was born of a Jewish mother and a German officer in Quotes from The Discovery of But Mulisch tells an engaging and often idscovery tale. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Book – The Discovery of Heaven – Letterenfonds

Mulisch was born in Haarlem and lived in Amsterdam sincefollowing the death of his father in Die bespiegelingen zijn soms redelijk duizelingwekkend en voor mij onnavolgbaar, maar ook fascinerend en heavdn zelfs ontroerend.

Dust off the laurel wreath; Mulisch has earned it. Eventually a child is delivered: There are four sections to the novel, each opening with a conversation between two angels. Zeker zoals Mulisch het opschrijft. Ada and Max fall in love. The father was joint director of a banking firm which was a repository for stolen Jewish….

Die discrepantie betekend mulsich, waarschijnlijk meer als ik rhe heb bedacht, of juist iets minder. When thinking about it now, i again feel the perplexity this book’s ending evoked in me two days ago.

Just like Hugo Claus the king of Flemish literatur A highlight of Dutch literature, but a bit uneven in quality.