Editorial Reviews. Review. Kirkus Reviews, September 15, “Within its fantasy world, Neff makes this book a kind of in-depth consideration of war itself. Henry Neff. The Maelstrom. The world is at the brink of ruin or is it salvation? Astaroth has been weakened, and the demon Prusias is taking full advantage of . The world is at the brink of ruin or is it salvation? Astaroth has been weakened , and the demon Prusias is taking full advantage of the situation.

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I really didn’t like her and max together, she was a needy, stupid girl who did nothing. Already streetlamps were glowing with witch-fire, bathing nearby windows and awnings with a golden light.

The Maelstrom

Other than Bram, Mealstrom had spent more time with Astaroth thd anyone at Rowan, and there were occasions when he had stared into those merry, black eyes and sensed naught but the void behind them. The Atropos were expensive, but they were effective and always honored their contracts. With an almost imperceptible nod, Umbra stood aside. Your instinct is to race off and help your friends.

Max had rescued her from the well; David had rescued her from Prusias, smuggling the entire household to Rowan before the demon could harm them. Hunched upon his stool, Bob recited a poem in a voice that rumbled like old millstones:.


You have saved it for last, Director, because it frightens you. Swinging his legs out of bed, Max wiped away the sweat with the towel. Richter nodded her approval. More students came dashing down the narrow staircase, a blur of scrubbed maeostrom, books, and wet hair that clung to cowls of gray, blue, and brown wool.

Astaroth may lie hidden and forgotten for a day or a century, but when he chooses to jerk those strings, the world will jump. Director asked me to keep a lookout for you. David shook his head. Sarah had chosen a naginataa Japanese polearm whose steel blade had been blunted and wrapped with leather strips coated in phosphoroil. Max felt a chill as those unblinking glassy eyes wandered over him and settled on his sword.

For myself, I’ve suspected that Max never really cared for his ex-girlfriend, Julie Teller, the same way she did about him. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Their absence was heartbreaking, as though Bob could not conceive why anyone would want to visit. Richter, sounding surprised and somewhat relieved. Also, this review 3.

His entire throat was an open wound that gleamed wet and black in the moonlight.

Henry Neff. The Maelstrom

One by one, the stars emerged to form their marvelous patterns and shine their soft light on the path. I’m sure things will be revealed in the final book, but to me, I’m only confused.

The Wizard of Oz.

Rolf reddened but cracked a reluctant smile as the Second Years began to needle him. He will meet old allies, good friends, new enemies and old enemies as well. The Truth About Martians. Is she really so special? Has he fled this world or is he biding his time, awaiting his next opportunity?


Max knew them by name and reputation, but he did not know them well. Judging from the other ratings for this book, I feel I am in the minority. When none came, he knocked again while David shivered and gazed far down at the Warming Lodge, where reflected clouds drifted across the surface of its placid lagoon.

The Maelstrom (The Tapestry, #4) by Henry H. Neff

No matter what the outcome, this is definitely a series to read. His glittering amethyst eyes never left Ms. The first book is good, but moving through the series you’ll fall in love more and more. Aug maelstroj, Megan rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s weird to think about how much the world has changed since the first book. I liked it but it was my maelstfom favorite so far. In either case, no spirit will answer our summons.

Bidding Max farewell, Bob turned his attention to the matter of supper, lumbering about the kitchen and issuing slow, patient orders to his many eager helpers.