G. W. Farrow • I. Menon The Concealed Essence of the Hevajra Tantra With the Commentrary Yogaratnamala G.W. FARROW and I MENON MOTILAL. Shri Hevajra is a principal meditational deity of the Anuttarayoga classification in Buddhist Tantra. According to the Sakya system Hevajra belongs to the. हेवज्र तन्त्रम – संस्कृत मूल एवम हिन्दी अनुवाद (The Hevajra Tantra). Item Code: NAC Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher.

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The yogi’s attitude towards the five castes is explained. Secondly it is used for this enemy-destroying rite, when a hundred thousands suffice. By adding the word srutam, ‘heard’ further details ofthe doctrine are indicated.

Trampling it beneath the feet he should recite the mantra: The totals given are those of the Narthang Kanjur edition. According to Abhayadatta’s biography of the Eighty- four Siddhas, Krsnacarya was instructed by his guru Jalandhara to seek instruction from another of Jalandhara’s disciples, a weaver.

Means to Attain the Innate This kind of communication was deemed necessary because the very nature of the states being described are beyond the realm of phenomenal concepts. Wisdom is the excellent knowledge that all things are merely the creations of one’s own mind. There is some motive for self-sacrifice and arduous self-training if the goal is within his grasp.

The Fundamental Statement, which begins with the code phrase evam maya srutam, indicates the tantric view of the enlightened state and the method of practice.

A Safe Guide for the Practitioner of Hevajra Tantra

The blindfold is removed and the mandala shown to the disciple. The ‘adorning of the limbs’ refers to the pervading [of the semen as enlight- ened consciousness] through every part of the body by way of the nadis.

It may seem I have asked you to do more with theory than with practice. The more useful kind of rites, such as the bringing or stopping of rain, the removal of unwanted neighbours, the quelling of troublesome sprites, merely supplanted, or sometimes reinforced, similar practices that already existed in the country.

This seems to be but a European fable, given substance only by the cataclasmic disappearance of the doctrine from India at the time when the tantras were in vogue. Delay in printing has been caused mainly by my absence from this country on travels in the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal. One of these is Wisdom which is identified explicitly with nirvana and the other is Means or Compassion which is identified with samsara.

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In the Hevajra Tantra, utilizing the tantric system of language analysis, regarding the name Vajrasattva it is said: For us who are interested in this period these Indo-Tibetan relations have a double importance.

Menon our research into the tantric methods of practice led to the study of both Hindu and Buddhist tantric literature.

Also Gunther, Seelertproblem, pp. In this respect the tantric view of practice in relation with the practices of the other schools of Buddhism should be clearly established. The non-existence of the sense objects, the sense faculties, the mind and thoughts is expressed. This opening unit is known as the Fundamental Statement nidanavakyam and is described in the commentary as that which is revealed within the Sutras and the Tantras.

S has the most satisfactory solution: The limited, relative, existence is said to be impermanent, transitory heevajra unsatisfactory in nature. The various processes are here described explicitly, whereas in the Indian texts one is presented primarily with schemes and patterns. The method for the Strong Stage of the Sole Hero yoga including the manifestation of the Hevajra and his retinue is described. As for the charge that Buddhism ceases to be distinguishable from certain other types of Indian religious practice at this time, this was now no more true than it had ever been.

The disciple is called back and the guru introduces the disciple to the Flavour of Essential Similar- ity samarasa by heevajra or by writing seed syllables on his tongue with the fluid.

Buddhist Deity: Hevajra Main Page

His gum was Jalandhara. Here we eat meat and drink liquor in large quantities. A still more obvious discordance of this kind exists with regard to the next set which we have to consider. The fully formed, limited, relative mind, created from the genetically inherited traits is generally unaware and ignorant of the absolute, unlimited, Enlightened Consciousness, the Concealed Essence of all things, which is present at the conception moment.

This is all the more unfortunate in that it affects chiefly the more important names, just because of the renown that attached to them. Therefore, in India the moral welfare of the practitioners and the correct attitude towards the radical practices of the tantric lineages was guarded by the careful selection method employed by the tantric gums.

By vulgar men, in fact, she would be classed as first rank. Concepts and practices from various religious and social contexts are found in the Vajrayana, known as Mantrayana in Buddhist tantric literature.


This Tibetan practice seems to be a turning to practical purposes of yoga which was intended primarily as a means to the supreme goal.

Hevajra – Wikipedia

The Hveajra tradition adopted and refined relevant elements from the ascetic yoga tntra, the rituals of tribal shamans, the fertility and passage rites, the rites of initiation into manhood, the rites of coronation heevajra chieftains, ancestor worship, the worship of temple and family deities and the circuits of pilgrimage.

The Buddhists, however, regard them as real in the beginning, more real than flesh and blood. The various types of meeting-places are enumerated. It is this which they have strangely helped to enrich. In recent European and Indian works the feminine element is now regularly referred to as the sakti, hevajfa yet she is no sakti active power.

Hevajrq 1 The name Hevajra is itself merely an invocation of the final truth vajra: By concentrating upon this both breath and thought become controlled. Therefore by means of this empowering feast the theories, practices and experiences of the Tanfra are taught and directly experienced.

The Hevajra Tantra teaches the Union of Skillful Means and Profound Cognition ; and states that such union is helpful in achieving the powers known as siddhis. It hsvajra have considerably assisted comprehensibility to have rearranged the material in the translation, but this would have given an entirely false impression of the nature of the work, which already benefits considerably from its trans- ference into English, a claim that may be safely made in this case without any undue sense of personal achievement.

They saw that the refined, internal harnessing of the vibrant energy of semen was the relative or limited aspect ofthe Enlightened Consciousness. Then the gum instructs regarding the division of the four Joys. There is another way instead of the Tantric method which you may practice without a Guru which is the way of the Pure Land School. But it ceases altogether to be justified when this ideal is no longer realized, or in the case of its non-realizability.

At the same time he does not fail to note the futility of such performances. The essential nature of the male and female practitioners in relation to the Enlightened Consciousness is defined.