Hirnforschung und Meditation: Ein Dialog: Wolf Singer, Matthieu Ricard, Susanne Warmuth: : Books. Hirnforschung und Meditation: ein Dialog. Front Cover. Wolf Singer, Matthieu Ricard Bibliographic information. QR code for Hirnforschung und Meditation. Hirnforschung und Meditation: ein Dialog. Alles was du für deinen Meditationsplatz brauchst + gratis Meditation auf Deutsch zum Herunterladen.

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Older people show the same results as the younger candidates.

Hirnforschung und Meditation: ein Dialog – Wolf Singer, Matthieu Ricard – Google Books

The take home message is: At the next meeting with Matthieu Ricard I suggested we have a discussion about what can be explained neurophysiologically about Buddhist meditation and where the boundary lies with naturalistic interpretations.

The perspective of “the meditator” an identification with what is experienced as “the person meditating” is never left or questioned. I call this one of my most valued books. Ferdi rated it liked it Sep 28, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Plop Blub rated it it was amazing Oct 11, What I experienced there moved me deeply and fascinated me. The Buddhist concept of autonomy and free will is quite different from our culture.

EEG measurements confirm the fact that meditating monks are fully awake and concentrated. Uns have read this book more thoroughly, marked more words in it than in any other book and even created my own table of contents for a reason.

Buddhists feel integrated into a huge network of determinism, that is the meditagion of the will on inner and external causes, which cannot be separated. Julia Englert rated it liked it Nov 27, Sebastian rated it liked it Jul 20, One of the monks was Matthieu Ricard.


Besides meditatioh research and meditation there are several other interesting aspects of Buddhism for brain researchers. Of course Ricards view is rather based on experience and Singers on indication, deduction and scientific measurements They both see meditation as a process of self-mastery. Because in it’s brief manner, this book tells almost everything that is needed to be known about meditation and its value to everyones life.

One of my daughters is involved in brain research and the other is a music scientist. A multitude of medigation aspects of the sensory world are simultaneously analyzed in various regions of the cerebral cortex; individual sub-results are sent on to executive structures without ever resulting in bringing together the fragmented results in a singular center.

Out of this meeting grew a friendship. Based on our knowledge, I tried to interpret what the US researchers had measured.

Hirnforschung Und Meditation: Ein Dialog by Wolf Singer

So quite unprepared, I landed up in a completely closed off, still environment without eye contact between the participants. In hirnforschun experiments pictures are shown so rapidly after another that not all the pictures can be registered. Markschliesing rated it liked it Oct 22, Sasa rated it liked it Jun 26, Denyo rated it really liked it Nov 23, No trivia or quizzes yet. Refresh and try again.

Christian rated it really liked it Jul 15, Max rated it it was amazing Nov 29, How does a brain researcher come upon meditation? Philipp rated it really liked it Sep 28, With Ricard I spoke in French. My two daughters planned to make a joint film about resonance in India and its neighboring countries. This book is spiritual not religious, which means it pleas for one OWN experience not the ones of priests and popes or other cults.

Spiritualists describe their subjective experiences, which due to their special choice of words is difficult to represent scientifically. Free Will Many philosophers and average people ponder about the free will, whether it is there or not. Sven rated it really liked it Nov 13, Young people miss fewer pictures, older people generally miss more, i.


Hirnforschung Und Meditation: Ein Dialog

Does meditation alter the brain? The authors see the free will as a potential skill. Ein Dialog by Wolf Singer. Singer for your time and I wish you much enjoyment and success for your new book with Matthieu Ricard. Whith mediation you evolve a whole set of skills, which is so very basic meitation useful in everyday life but developed by so few: Medktation only spiritual experience one cannot really communicate like a scientist.

Both participants go into long monologues exposing their worldviews. I can really entrust you to that little but blasting book. Part of the film was to be a discussion between a western scientist and an eastern spiritualist.

Meditation meets brain research

The dialogue is structered in that way, that either the neuroscientist Singer or the long-term monk and meditator Ricard share their experiences with meditation and the o I call this one of my most valued books.

Wolf Singer, Matthieu Ricard: To ask other readers questions about Hirnforschung Und Meditationplease sign up. I was simply advised to copy what the others were doing. But don’t believe to lift the heavy weights of life if your mind is not trained as the strong muscle it could be. Jan 09, Sara E.

Many of our world views are built upon assumptions and interpretated might-bes, as well as our own inner conflicts and values.