The Huawei UMG (Universal Media Gateway) is a core network device, part of the Huawei [email protected] Solutio N and the N68E Cheap gateway m series battery, Buy Quality gateway tablet laptop computer directly from China gateway ma8 Suppliers: UMG (UG01MOMU0) . Cheap board shorts, Buy Quality board router directly from China boarding handle Suppliers: HuaWei UMG Media Gateway and UMG Spare boards.

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The functions of the TDM bearer processing module include: In actual networking, you can add related hardware boards and upgrade software so that the UMG can support smooth expansion and evolution. For voice services, some requirements on the QoS must be met. Modular design is adopted and each software module is based on the loose coupling mechanism.

Huawei UMG8900

In addition, the system online monitors key signals used by the boards such as clock signals 8 kHz signals for example and makes loopback tests on service code streams when idle. Thus, the UMG can select the clock of the highest priority through the synchronization status message SSM of clock. The packing box is placed where no water is available. No TC resource need participate in the negotiation process either.

During the operation, the system checks data consistency and gives prompt and confirmation about operations. Based on the functions and the distributed modular architecture, the hardware system of the UMG can be divided into the media gateway control and management module, TDM processing module, service resource module, packet processing module, signaling adaptation module and cascading module.

The CS domain provides voice and narrowband data services.

In detail, it profiles the logical interfaces, hardware and software components of the UMG When an MML command is run, data consistency between tables is checked to prevent rubbish data. During the system running, such data are generated as alarms, logs, performance statistics and tracing results.


Under the control of the gateway controller, this module invokes various bearer and service resources within the UMG, sets up service bearers and processes service stream formats. The UMG can flexibly configure such common codecs to implement dynamic support.

The interfaces provided by the UMG comply with relevant specifications. A verification mechanism is applied to the case that deadlock happens to certain software resources.

The UMG supports the following service functions: The frame provides front and back slots in pair to hold boards.

The hardware fundamentals of the UMG8900

The UMG is placed near the access network to build a big local network. The climatic conditions are shown in Table 7 This design chooses common service protection methods and measures based on the networking of the device huaewi ensure the normal running of the whole device. Cascading boards can be used only in the SSM frame.

One is to use embedded indicators and beepers panels to produce alarms in time. Thus, the end to end multi path transmission mechanism is realized, which is more reliable for the upper layer subscribers.

For details about board configuration, see the online help for MML commands. The three cascading modes are the same except the cascading boards and the capacities umg900 TDM cascading channels between frames. Because a front slot differs from a back slot in height, front and back boards cannot be inserted crossly.

LD Transmit optical power nm —9. To ensure the system reliability, the UMG adopts such methods as backup, load sharing and redundancy configuration and optimizes fault detection and isolation techniques for boards and the system. At the software design phase, design methods and implementation are stressed.


The MML system runs the command and returns results in text, which are transformed to another format suitable for display in GUI. The MBus system is independent of higher layer software. It can serve as various functional entities to meet the networking requirements of operators.

Huawei UMG Archives – HUAWEI Mobile Core Network, OSN-Optical, Wireless Reseller

Cloud Data Center Network Solution. The UMG adopts the multi level cascaded and distributed cluster control mode. The boards and uhawei supported by the UMG are shown in Table 2 2. The MSC server is placed in a central city for the sake of easy maintenance. Core Network Info Community Members: All internal cables of the UMG are present at the rear of the cabinet.

When key resource umt8900 rate exceeds certain limits, the system can take measures such as denying some less important services to release service load.

One mode is to provide the clock through the CLK boards, which can provide stratum 2 or stratum 3 clock signals. The UMG frames can be logically classified into the main control frame, service frame and central switching frame. The redundancy design is adopted for hot backup of important functional modules so that service, NET and CLK boards have strong error tolerance ability.

One frame provides 32 slots to increase the capacity of a single frame effectively. Back slots 7 and 9 are only for the MTNC boards. The final aim is to evolve to the all IP network. The LMT system consists of four parts: