The Hypomanic Edge has ratings and 25 reviews. Sandy said: READ THIS BOOK! The content of this book was no surprise to me. A first generation immig. The Hypomanic Entrepreneur. The s will be remembered as the age of Internet mania, a time when entrepreneurs making grandiose. THE HYPOMANIC EDGE: The Bipolar Disorder That Made America the Most Successful Nation in the World. John Gartner, Author.

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A small, wiry man, Gross had an infectious boyish enthusiasm that was charming and irresistible. Being born and raised in what became Silicon Valley, what Gartner says is somewhat old hat to me. Gartner’s The Hypomanic Edge is a very accessible explanation of the enthusiastic personality temperament correctly termed hyperthymia and which Jamison is not incorrect in calling exuberance. Three cheers efge Gartner. The average American changes residences every five years — more often than the inhabitants of any other nation.

Entrepreneurs, as hhypomanic as the markets they energized, were commonly described in the media as “manic. But even this speaks to the psychology of the immigrant: Mayer and Craig Venter. Not in this case.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I was even a millionaire on paper for one exhilarating day in March at the peak of the market, before my portfolio lost 90 percent of its value.

We are creating new additions to the site hyomanic the time, so check back soon! A Google search for “manic” and “businessman” yields more than a million hits.

A single sickle gene greatly enhances resistance to malaria, a deadly disease prevalent in Africa. This looks like it could be a tremendous source of bullshit. He is widely published in scholarly journals and books, and his work has also appeared in the Baltimore Eddge and Talk magazine.


But there’s room in this conversation for more than one.


He feels brilliant, special, chosen, perhaps even destined to change the world. Jun 07, Troy Jensen rated it it was amazing Shelves: These are the real edye you never learned in school about some of those men who made America: Jan 06, Matt Monte added it. By contrast, hypomania is not, in and of itself, an illness. Bringing his audacious and persuasive thesis to life, Gartner offers case histories of some famous Americans who represent this phenomenon of hypomania.

Also, this work is not a rigorous scientific defense of his thesis that immigrants with a higher proportion of hyperthymian than those who stayed in the Old World have been a significant factor in American culture. As Tocqueville predicted, there is a solid statistical relationship between entrepreneurial activity and the wealth of a nation.

The reason Bill Gross was still smiling was that his newest new idea was “going to be unbelievably huge” and “revolutionize the Internet. From our studies of the brain we now know that mood is an intrinsic part of the apparatus that controls motivation. What goes up can stay up. More By edeg About This Author. Hypomania, a genetically based form of mild mania, endows many of us with energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and a propensity for taking risks.

The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (A Little) Craziness and (A Lot of) Success in America

A compelling story that explains a lot about who we are. Andrew Carnegie, who began America’s industrial revolution, was sure that he was destined personally to speed up human evolution and bring world peace. When I was getting my MA in counseling, my profs pointed out that business leaders can be highly intuitive, just as mystics can. Because of its origins, America has an abundance of people with hypomanic temperaments.

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That so many people would surrender the comfort and safety of their home in pursuit of an “ideal” struck him as odd. The single exception to this year-long trend was the roaring s. Immigrants are often described as a highly entrepreneurial group. Not only that, I’ve heard a number of psychiatrists say they known it for ages. They think, talk, move, and make decisions quickly. Their “flight of ideas,” jumping from topic to topic in a rapid energized way, is a sign of hypomania.

Whatever the exact percentage, psychiatry’s most recent discovery is not a rare expression of bipolar genes, but its most common form.

The Hypomanic American The Hypomanic Entrepreneur The s will be remembered as the age of Internet mania, a time when entrepreneurs making grandiose claims for their high-tech companies erge up millions of Americans with their irrational exuberance, inflating the biggest speculative bubble in history.

Though the numbers may be more complex, the same principles may apply: The description, traits and behaviours of hypomanics is useful.

The Hypomanic Edge : John D. Gartner :

Decreased need for sleep 3. The introduction of the book pretty much sums the whole book up and saves you the time to read the whole thing.

Thus, we cannot conclude that someone has a psychiatric disorder just because he may be hypomanic.