Gloria’s famous “If Men Could Menstruate” essay resonated with me deeply in the weeks following the menstrual marathon I had run. The truth is that, if men could menstruate, the power justifications Gloria Steinem travels widely as a feminist activist, organizer, writer and. Journalist Gloria Steinem said if ‘men could menstruate and women could not’ ‘ menstruation would become an enviable, worthy, masculine.

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Have you ever been in a public place and started your period? If that has not sent you in to panic, to find that the ladies toilets have no sanitary towels or tampon facilities is enough to send your hormones raging, because surely they are just as necessary as tissue roll right?!

In fact, the epidemic of shame, mne and a lack of resources is a global one. According to a recent study, 86 per cent of American women have started their period unexpectedly in a public space without the supplies they needed, causing them to feel embarrassed, annoyed, anxious, stressed and panicked.

If Men Could Menstuate by Gloria Steinem

In the UK instatistics showed that 46 per cent of women were too scared to reveal the reason they needed a day off of work and today statistics show that 17 per cent of women worldwide have missed school or work in fear someone might discover they are on their period. In a study from Nepal, 41 per cent of girls reported missing school during their cpuld.


Female Bangladeshi factory workers use contraceptive pills to stop their menstruation and to thereby avoid having to manage menstruation in inadequate toilet facilities and stop work, according to one study. And at least million girls and women globally lack adequate facilities for managing their periods, according to a report from UNICEF and the World Health Organisation. Speaking to the Steinek of Binti, a charity that provides sanitary towels, education on menstruation, and dignity to girls across the world, she explained: All girls deserve the right to sanitary protection so they can stay in education.

Women should be able to live their lives without shame because menstruation is a normal body function for many. Menstruation, instead of being embraced and accommodated for, receives a lack of understanding, facilities and generates emotional distress.

If men could menstruate, they would brag about it said Steinem. So let’s own womenstruation.

Although shock and feelings of trauma exist globally but in different ways for different reasons, we are all together with sharing this feeling.

So we need to unite in eradicating this feeling and moving towards a society where the female body not only fits into our structures, but is celebrated. Why have we still not made it our right to menstruate? Why have we not owned it, bragged about it, empowered it? And if there are no sanitary towel or tampon facilities in your workplace, you can take the steps to making sure there are.


You can make that change.

Education at home is as important as being educated in school. If men men-struated, they would own it said Steinem. Here is a video by the charity Binti, so you can see the stories of girls and women affected by menstruation worldwide:.

Thomson Reuters Foundation is a charity registered in England and Wales registration number: About Thomson Reuters Foundation. If men could menstruate, they would brag about it said Steinem.

If Men Could Menstruate

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Here menstrruate a video by the charity Binti, so you can see the stories of girls and women affected by menstruation worldwide: Original Places where water is scarce and getting scarcer. Serbia plans to halt dam boom in protected areas. Original Lack of school toilets puts mln children in danger – report. About Thomson Reuters Foundation News news.