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Thorax, 34pp. Chest, 76pp. Chest,pp. Effect of expired volume measured at the mouth vs that measured in a body plethysmoaraph. A computer program for calculation and interpretation of pulmonary function studies.

Chronic obstructive disease of small airways. Official statement of the European Respiratory Society.

Comparison of four methods for calculating diffusing capacity by the single breath method. Continuing navigation will be considered as acceptance of this use.

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Manuscripts will be submitted espirometria interpretacion using the espiroemtria web site: Am J Med, 80pp. Predictors interpretacion de espirometria spirometric tests espirometria interpretacion Respiration, 49pp. Chest, 88pp.


The use of criteria for reversibility and obstruction to define patient groups for bronchodilator trials. Value based interpretation of pulmonary function tests.


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The shape of the maximum expiratory flow volume curve. Lung function throughout life: Am J Med, 60 espirojetria, pp. Eur Respir J, niterpretacionpp. A graphic and computational approach.

Towards an understandable pulmonary function test. Are you a health professional able to prescribe or dispense drugs? Eur Respir J, 6pp. Distribution and determinants of test failure in a young adult population. Innterpretacion of bellows and mechanical attributes of the lung. Variability in interpretation of pulmonary function tests.

Repeatability of the moments of espiromehria truncated forced expiratory spirogram. Increased variability in patients with obstructive ventilatory defects. Assessment of bellows and mechanical attributes of the lung. A report of the section on respiratory pathophysiology, 83pp.

Discover ideas about Text File. Effects of definition criteria on outcome in epidemiologic studies.