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INTERNATIONAL ISO STANDARD First edition Rolling bearings — Damage and failures — Terms, characteristics and causes Roulements. Failure mode ISO Subsurface initiated fatigue. Is this normal Fatigue Failure, how many of you get to see a bearing actually fail. ribo lo gy, the Science fo r Maintenance. Fatigue on Inner Race. Ref.: ISO Rolling Bearings – Damages and Failures – Terms, Characteristics and Causes.

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If the inner ring is mounted on tapered seating, select correct driving up distance. Countermeasure Use a bearing with higher 1243 capacity if longer life is required. Examples of rolling bearing failures are given in Annex A, together with a description of the causes of failure and proposed corrective actions. The craters are duplicated on the rolling element and raceway contact surfaces in bead-like procession in the rolling direction see Figure Because of the minute difference in the diameters of the two components, they will have a minute difference in their circumferences and, consequently, when brought into contact at one point by the radial load, will rotate at minutely different speeds.

Countermeasure Check dimensions of adjacent parts. Countermeasure Observe utmost cleanliness during mounting and service. These should not be mistakenr for electrically caused flutes see 5. Smearing can also occur between rolling 152433 and raceways when the load is too light in relation to the speed of rotation.

Running path pattern widest in the load direction, tapering towards the ends and positioned in the middle of the raceway. For dated references, only the edition cited applies. Check that the quality of the lubricant is adequate and the relubrication interval is correctly specified.

BS ISO – Rolling bearings. Damage and failures. Terms, characteristics and causes

Attention is drawn to the possibility that some of the elements of this document may be the subject of patent rights. Countermeasure Check load and mounting conditions.


Countermeasure Assure good alignment and, if possible, rotate slowly when entering the cage and roller assembly. Since more than one process may cause similar effects to these 12543, a description of isso alone is occasionally inadequate for determining the reason for the failure.

Provide for spring preloading if suitable. In other documents it is sometimes classified as wear. Consideration of each feature is required for 12543 determination of the cause of bearing failure. The matrix given in Table A. The fluting resulting from vibration has is or fretted bottoms to the uso compared to fluting produced by the passage of electric current, where the bottoms of the depressions are dark in colour.

In the case of a stationary bearing, the depressions appear at rolling element pitch and can often be discoloured reddish or shiny see Figure In this International Standard, failure modes are classified in six main groups and various sub-groups see Figure 1. In the following illustrations, typical running path patterns for the most common applications and bearing types are shown. The failure mode terms shown in the subclause titles are recommended for general use.

The size and shape of the indentations depend on the nature of the particles. Where appropriate, alternative expressions or synonyms used to describe the submodes are given and explained in A. Countermeasure Apply suitable mounting tools and procedures.

Click here to sign up. The types of load, operating clearance and possible misalignment may be clearly revealed. If the operation continues, there is a risk of a catastrophic failure.

The crack started from fatigue crack isoo the raceway surface. To obtain the most reliable result, it is helpful to follow a systematic procedure when securing evidence and inspecting the bearing.


Countermeasure Check the application conditions regarding loading, alignment and shaft or housing deformation. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

BS ISO 15243:2017

These particles gradually increase in number as material is worn away from the running surfaces and cage. Countermeasure Provide suitable lubrication. Running path pattern uniform in width, axially displaced and extending around the entire circumference of the raceways of both rings.

Surface initiated fatigue caused by indentation arising from plastic deformation is shown in A. NOTE The running path patterns on jso raceways will indicate if outer ring or inner ring is out-of-round. Life cycle A standard is reviewed every 5 years 00 Preliminary.

ISO – Rolling bearings — Damage and failures — Terms, characteristics and causes

The surfaces become dull to a degree, which varies according to the coarseness and nature of the abrasive particles see Figure 7. The initiation of the microcracks is often caused by inclusions in the bearing steel see Figure 2. These specialized methods are outside the scope of this document.

Countermeasure Provide adequate support of bearing ring. An enlargement of the seizing is shown. Consideration is restricted to characteristic forms of change in appearance and failure, which have a jso appearance and which can be attributed to particular causes with a high degree of certainty.

The running path pattern is widest in the direction of radial loading. Countermeasure Isk the lubrication. Use electrically insulated bearings. The various forms are illustrated with photographs and diagrams, and the most frequent causes are indicated.